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Quick Take on the Nightster

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Looks cool. I've been trying to convince my cruiser-lovin' friend to buy one of these.
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Hmn, I like the overall look and concept; like the paint work and the avoidance of chrome doo-dads. But it strikes me as kind of weird looking in profile. "Flattrackerish?" Looks more like a dog that just got rapped on the a$$ with a rolled-up newspaper.
A retro Sporty would be better.

...just kiddin'. Seen it a couple a times in person. I like it.
Nice article love it.. I like the looks i.e. the lack of GPTB defining chrome and do dads. The seat is way too low for me. but I like it.. Great packaging by HD..Great photos..
Wait, I'm confused. Is this a review of a motorcycle?
They are on the right track. Just stick on a 17" rear wheel and some more travel and it won't look like a dog with its tail between its legs.
No. Those are dangerous.
If I bought a girly mag and the intro the the pictoral talked about her pert backside, I'd be a little disappointed if there were no photos featuring the derrier.

No tail lights? Can I see please?
See what happens when we are forced to get all of our info from Dirk freakin' Edge? We become completely clueless.
You nailed it ... seriously... i.e that what it looks like my little dachshund with her tail between her legs cause my wife caught her ripping toilet paper all over the bathroom
I take it you were able to sneak back into the library and get a terminal.
You are just sore cause I whipped your ass about the radar thing.. Go back to school get a real education and quit faking it.. Folks we find out about you...I did.
talking about the profile shot. couldnt they find a front fender that matches the front tire's diameter?

Looks a bit home made, but wait, maybe that's part of the marketing concept....

"Dirk freakin' Edge"

--Hahahahaha! I've got nothing against MotorcycleDaily, but I know what you mean!
as always in the Harleyesque style of reporting the 'specs' are ....

79 ft-lb of torque.. so, horsepower? nowhere to be found. EVER!

1200 motor= kidney/bladder tickling action

single disc up front. I like dual

bigger rear tire. perfect for bar hopping. nighmare for handling

love the blacked out stuff, less to wipe down after the wash.

wouldn't buy it.
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Great looking bike, but the ergos don't work for the over-6' crowd. But I wish one of my neighbors would get one.
I love how you declare victory exactly when I think you really are lying about what you do for a living because you can't actually be claiming the stuff you're claiming and actually know math.

"Folks we find out about you...I did" What exactly are you talking about?
Peterson HD had a Nightster sitting in the showroom a few weeks ago at their annual BBQ. It was HD Orange, and it looked very cool. Sitting on it was even cooler, it has big wide handlebars, perfect controls placement, and all you see up front is the top of the headlight and a big fat tire. People were walking right by bikes costing twice as much to look at it.

When I was a kid, only the old farts (like me now) rode the Big Twins. Anybody under 30 got a Sportster, and until the CB 750 came along, it was faster than most anything around. Sportsters were the platform of choice for choppers too; you could make a really clean installation with the unitized engine/trans versus the two-piece drive train. That was the "look" back then, small engines with so much room around them you could stick your head through the frame.

Funny how the "Harley" crowd looks down at the Sportsters nowdays. When I worked at HD, 90% of them thought of it as a "girls" bike, and I know women are a big part of the Sporty buying community. It was fun to see the looks on their faces when I'd tell them the Sporty was the fastest, best handling bike in the store, barring the VRod. Actually handles better than the standard VRod in my opinion, I can't stand forward controls.

Nice going HD, I respect and appreciate your ability to make what's old and obselete continue to be new and interesting. Nice article, MO. Your multi-media capability is what can truly set you apart from the printed magazines. That's two articles in a row with cool videos.
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