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Dealing with Quokka was infinitely better than Dorna, who're horrid. Dorna can't seem to grasp that, in the USA, no one really cares about GPs. I was discussing results of a focus group with one of the major OEMs not too long ago, of the 10 people there, not one could name an AMA Superbike victor, nine didn't even know what AMA Superbike was, and none of them ever saw a GP.

Fairly typical in the US, no one really cares about roadracing. Mind you, the few that do are exceptionally vocal and chatty, so they post frequently, but even our logfiles show that races do less than 1% of the traffic of a major motorcycle features. And it's always been that way, even back in 1994 and 1995 when MO was the only motorcycle publication online, and the only source of news.

That said, we offered to send Colin MacKeller, our most esteemed contributor and publisher of fine GP books, to every round this year, and push GP racing at our readers, which are over a million per month strong -- significantly higher than even any motorcycle TV shows reach.

Dorna, in their infinite wisdom, turned us down. And they were pretty crass about it.

What to do? I guess we'll stay home and save the boatloads of cash it costs to send someone all over the world. With Quokka going, Quokka took their MotoGP.Com site back, but it's weak, full of broken links and multimedia that doesn't work.

So I guess the online world won't be reading much about GPs this year.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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