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R.I.P. Fabrizio Meoni

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I never realized how dangerous this race (and this type of racing) is. The day before this Jose-Manuel Perez died from injuries he sustained in a crash during stage 7. Another great, Richard Sainct, died from crash injuries during the Pharaoh Rally in Egypt just four months earlier. In the Dakar’s 27 year history 22 riders have died.

I'm not getting some perverse thrill out of these stats or trying to defame the sport. I respect rally racing and the Dakar in particular for being one of the most unique and challenging races of all types of motor sports. However, do you have to step back and ask what’s wrong where a competitor dies nearly every year of the event?
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I was stunned and saddened to read this today. I have been a fan of Fabrizio for many years and will miss him. I wish the best for his family.

KTM is reconsidering their position in regards to rally racing. I feel it would be a huge disrespect to Sainct and Meoni if they abanded their effort after they gave their lives to the sport. It's a hard race, everyone who enters it knows this. Some things are worth doing simply because they're so hard.
I think KTM is the last manufacturer to give significant factory support to the Dakar rally. If they do pull out it will not bode well for the future of the event. I'm not quite so sure their team members would be able to find another ride. The privateer route is a bit pricey.
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