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R.I.P. Fabrizio Meoni

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I never realized how dangerous this race (and this type of racing) is. The day before this Jose-Manuel Perez died from injuries he sustained in a crash during stage 7. Another great, Richard Sainct, died from crash injuries during the Pharaoh Rally in Egypt just four months earlier. In the Dakar’s 27 year history 22 riders have died.

I'm not getting some perverse thrill out of these stats or trying to defame the sport. I respect rally racing and the Dakar in particular for being one of the most unique and challenging races of all types of motor sports. However, do you have to step back and ask what’s wrong where a competitor dies nearly every year of the event?
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Sometimes it's hard to believe the Isle of Man was once on the GP circut. I watched it last year, and I think it was the first time I closed my eyes watching TV since I was a Kid.

As for the Irish being there, ya couldn't a calculated the freckles with a computer. And, everyone of 'em looked like they were having fun.

No matter what, living always ends up with being dead, so you might as well enjoy it.
Motocycle racing is only relatively dangerous

Motorcycle racing isn't dangerous. Mountain Climbing, now, THAT'S DANGEROUS!

Between the two sports, if you look at the numbers, it isn't even close.

Thing is, everybody knows Mountain Climbers are all Bat-$hit Loony! And, besides, who the Hells gonna climb up there and tell 'em to come down? Not Me!

Gotta hand it to the Bostrom Bros. Road Racing probably feels like a day-off for those two.
What the sposors decide, is of no consequence.

Leonardo we remember; his patron are nothing but obscure footnotes.
RIP. I am glad KTM kept racing, its the right thing to do.

here's a good pic of the man in action...
Your facts are gloomy. However have you ever noticed how many individuals die from snowmobile accidents each year. Well over a hundred, and this sport is increasing in popularity.
This is one major race event though, not the overall sport of motorcycling. Maybe a better comparison would be having a NASCAR driver or an AMA motocross rider die nearly every year. They are gloomy but I only wanted to point them out to show what the rally racing world has had to endure from a sympathetic stance as opposed to being critical of the sport.

I want to point out I'm not trying to bring down rally racing or motorcycling in general. I know it's dangerous and I still choose to partcipate, more and more every riding season (additional bikes, more yearly miles, track days, attend race events, etc.). As riders we have to be aware of the risks, know ways to reduce them, and in the end accept them.

Speaking of snowmobiling, the link I posted has multiple videos to watch. One video is of what might these days be referred to as "extream" snowmobiling. Check it out, the riders are NUTS and highly entertaining.
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