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Interesting topic Mr. Moore.

..drugs are big business here in the USA. If illicit drugs were legalized, what would happen to all the probation officers, drug testers, and rehab places? They'd all go out of business, and the creeps who make a living on the backs of drug users would have to get a real job.

One thing is clear, there are three types of people. Folks who never use drugs, people who use drugs now and then, and function well within the bounds of society, and people who use and abuse drugs, and die, or end up incarcerated. This is the same across the board, wheter drugs are legal, or not.

Look at Italy for example. You can walk into a pharmacia and purchase most everything "over the counter" without a prescription. This puts the resonsibility for drug use on a personal basis. It also pulls the props out of the underground drug trade, and takes the "forbidden" aspect out of the picture, as drugs are readily available to anyone. Again, for people who will never use drugs. Those who do, and still function, and for those who abuse drugs, and die.

Looking back on my own past, beer & weed played a major role in my weekend dirt biking. We'd ride to some watering hole ine the middle of nowhere, down a few pitchers of brew, and ride back to camp. Drink some more beer. Ride again, rinse, repeat. Ride to the top of that hill overthere, and somoke a doobie. It was never a problem, 'cause we were in the dirt, away from cement curbs, and steel cars. Doing the same thing on a street bike can have dire consiquences, but we know that already, right?
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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