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I've done way more than my share of impaired riding, me and my first wife used to get pretty crazy. One time we ate some orange sunshine and wound up heading down to Oregon to look at sea lions at Sea Lion Caves on my bagger. Fun as hell but it rained all the way back and we had to save our money for gas, 900 miles in one day on a pack of ciggerettes and rest area coffee and cookies isn't the best way to travel.

I don't do that nonsense anymore and I heartily recommend not doing it at all, or limit yourself to a beer or two over a stretch of time. Most of the time when I was really hitting it I rode a hand-banger Shovelhead chopper so I had to be sane enough to start the bike and ride it. I was always more into drugs than drinking so I'd be doing vicodins or weed and speed and sipping a beer while everyone else was falling down drunk, that's why I always let everyone else go first so they didn't run into me.

Cold hearted I suppose but lifes that way, if you're gonna' get stupid then don't ride near me.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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