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Race One, World Superbike, Donington Park, Race Result

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First post, what is happening to Edwards and the RC-51??
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Tires, tires, tires and tires. For race 1, tire choice was crucial as light rain fell, with a cut slick on Edwards bike forcing him to struggle, while Okada fitted fill slicks and pulled through the pack as the rain stopped. Corser was another intermediate tire rider and look what happened to him. Race 2 was dry, but Edwards again had drive problems. Good race though (race 2)
Honda put a new style oil system on the rc51 before the begining of the season. That is what gave them the problems it had to hi of pressure and the crank was not getting lubed enough causing the bikes to make less horsepower and eventually sieze. The problem has been fixed though and edwards seems to be running a little better
They both had their turn, now it's over. I think

Edwards should get on a 4 now, but too bad he probably won't leave Honda.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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