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Raptor 650 Reader Feedback

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What story?
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"This is no committee-designed, Jap thing." Uh...dude, that's a pretty asinine statement for a professional journalist to be making.
Well this will bring me out of the non-posting wilderness.

Wow. Great article. Now if I did have to start paying for MO in the future, articles as well written as this one might make it worth while. I sure get a better idea of what this bike is like than some articles that merely brush the surface of the bike, then dive into hype.

Well done Yossef. Well done MO.
Like your bike to be in the shop more than in your hands? nt
I wish Buell would do the same thing with the tls1000 motor. That way they could sell them in the US. Either that or have Suzuki come out with their own standard based on the tls1000 motor. They do not need to detune it either.

I'm still dreaming.

I thougt they were going to bring the raptor 650 to Us it was just the 1000 that was not coming. I had read that months ago so I guess things could of changed.

I'm not trying to be PC; it just seems to be a bit lowbrow coming from a professional journalist.
Re: ease up on the racist accusations......

I'd be offended if someone called me "yank," but then, I am from Texas. Why is Jap derogatory? I don't think Nip is really derogatory, either. Nip is just short for Nipon, which is how the Japanese say Japan. Its like calling the British Brits. Its more of slur of a country than it is a racial remark. And unless you have an extreme since of jingoism for your native Japan, you are being very spineless.

I bet you are the type of person who sues McDonald's for when you spill coffee on yourself.

You make me sick. Anywhere but America and I really doubt you would have this type of reasoning.
history lesson


Jap is derogatory because it was the term used by the american propoganda machine to dehumanize the enemy in world war two. the same goes for Nip..

(ever take a history class?)

Brit is a shortened version of british.. while not being proper, neither is 'american" after all we live in "The United States of America".. not "America".

So.. see a point? Neither do I.

I'm a honky. A yankee honky. Just because I can deal with being called such.. doesn't mean someone else can.

Am I PC? Hardly. Sensitive? Probably not.

...just aware there are other people in the world.
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Designed in what, ten minutes?

The story says the designer who penned this bike for Cagiva also thought up the Monster. Well, duh! How long did it take him? As long as it takes to copy a Zip disc or make some photo copies? There is nothing new about this bike versus the Monster as far as styling goes, it's a blatant copy. I'm sure it's a gas to ride and bristles with all sorts of techno goodies, and the SV motor is a jewel, but enough already. The Monster is the new CB750 of motorcycling. I'm glad the naked bike theme has come back, but will some Italian PLEASE take in a different direction? The "monster" look is getting old.

Great Old Bikes
Re: ease up on the racist accusations......

didn't we have this same damned conversation about three months ago?

forget PC - just be polite

You mention it's cheap, but how cheap? You don't list any possible MSRP's. For someone who liked the SV650 but found its seat too high (yes I am short and of slight build--shoot me), this bike looks AWESOME. I love the frame and double silencers.

On another note, could people lay off the Japanese derogatory comments? Some pretty unique designs have come out of Japan. Hawk GT? Valkyrie? V-MAX? Hayabusa?
Re: history lesson

I like "honky" fact, my license plate frame says "Horn if your Honky"
Origin of "Honky"

I read an interesting factoid about the term "honky." Folks from eastern europe settling in Chicago around 1900 were all called "bohemians", regardless of national origin. (See Wila Cather's "My Antonia") This was mangled to "bohunk" by the 1930's, and when African-Americans moved to Chicago during and after WWII, they shortened it even further to "******."

I think it's funny as hell, myself. The barb is in who is delivering the insult- powerless to the more powerfull, i.e. Blacks to Whites. "******" is so much more hurtfull because it reminds one of the relationship between white slaveholders or landowners towards poor and powerless Africans.

Not sure about "Japs." It would be hurtful towards people who had to endure the humiliation and second-class status of many Japanese-Americans in the US before and during WWII. I think native Japanese would just shrug.

"Zionist Jew" was definately said to be hurtful, and in response, I merely say, "go f*ck yourself."
Yeah it looks good but we're not going to get it!
Golly Beav, you really said it well...or do I mean good?
Re: Designed in what, ten minutes?

The Monster satisfies a niche in motorcycling for a straightforward roadster with a bit of style. A V-twin's power delivery suits this concept perfectly. Where it has lagged behind though is in the motor. Cagiva have sought to address this - and a very good job they've done too. This was probably less necessary with the 650 than with the 1000, since the SV650 was already fulfilling a similar niche, albeit with (arguably) less panache and certainly somewhat less suited to short riders.

In the case of the 1000 it was definitely identifying a gap in the market - the existing air-cooled Monster wasn't particularly powerful and the TL1000S was a more sporty bike (and also had questionable handling - which I can't justifiedly personally comment on, never having ridden one). OK, so the new Monster S4 is now available - but the seat height is a great deal higher than on the traditional Monster range, effectively ruling it out for shorter riders. I own a Raptor 1000 - I managed to get a test-ride on one and it was so good and just so much fun that I traded my R1 in for it. I'm only 5'6" but it is definitely small enough for me. I have tried the new Monster S4 for size and that is definitely too tall for me, and carries its weight in such a way that it feels much heavier than the Raptor at a standstill.

I would also contend that the Raptor's styling has in fact moved on from the Monster.

Perhaps you have to ride a Raptor for yourself to appreciate just how much fun they are - I was extremely sceptical until I tried one, and then I ended up buying it because it was more fun than the R1.

I don't know how much the 650 will sell for in the UK yet, but I do know that the 1000 is considerably cheaper than the TL1000S.
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Now, if only they sold it in the US

I can tell you, if the V-raptor 650 (I really like the looks and the mini-fairing) was offered in the US, I'd buy it in a hot second. I'd gladly pay an extra $1000 over an SV650 for the style and better suspension.
Re: history lesson

Ok, and the British started calling Americans yanks in the War of Rebellion for the same reason. It was propaganda. The fact that Americans call themselves yanks testifies that some of us have got skin thicker than cheap toilet paper.

And, BTW, i do see a point. As long as you continue to point out the differences amongst people, the longer you continue to promote and insure that those differences are recognized.

i think we both mean for the same end, for people to get along, we just go about them differently.
Re: ease up on the racist accusations......

No, i've never been on the recieving end of racist remarks, but moving from texas to california, i always got the *******, incestual , bit from a lot of people. did it bother me some? sure, the comments were intended to hurt. Did i shrug it off? yes. If someone got in my face saying that now would it hurt? no, i would laugh.

Actually, i am 75% ***, or daego, or whatever you tell me i should feel deeply offended and hurt about for being called, as are a lot of people i know. Sure we will call each other that, no biggie.

I think its the stuff you keep inside that hurts people more than anything else, so why not have it all out on the table.
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