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Reader Priday, Needs the Help of Fellow MOfos.

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No. All the questions were "do you intend to...." skydive, race motorcycles, base jump, smoke crack, rob a bank etc..

The correct answer is absolutely not.
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I have a clause in my life insurance (a policy not provided by my employer) that was added when they found out I was working on my private pilot's license, that says they won't pay if I die flying...Nothing about motorcycles cause they didn't ask and I didn't volunteer.
How much did it go up? Lot's or little? Was it written in your original policy? Or did they just tac it on once they found out. If there is a no helmet law in Texas it may have more to do with that...or not.

This is the ORIGINAL don's ask, don't tell scenario. You can not 'intend' to do much of anything, if they can't prove otherwise. Already owning a motorcycle might be a problem, I suppose.
My life insurance is through AXA. They know that I smoke cigars (at a rate of 3-4 a week) and ride and my policy was only 3% higher than the quoted premium. No matter what you are shopping for the insurer will most likely up your premium based on your social activities...
Are they gonna cover you when you detonate a suicide bomb in the HD plant in 2018 when HD announces a new production facility and a stock split?
Hmmm, so if I want the best rates, then no stogies, cut back on the hooch, no motorcycles, etc?

What are my liability coverage rates like if I give all that up, and then they find out that I both own a rifle AND live near a clock tower?!?

(Actuaries make some FASCINATING conclusions based on statistical models, don't they?)

Go up? Mine cancelled when they found out I was riding a motorcycle.
I don't know if any of us will remember his prediction by then. If the holes in our brain from aspertame won't kill our memory, then the ceaseless bombardment by all the EMF around us will.

Alzheimers by cell phone.
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