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Remember the Virago!!

Remember the first Virago models? Mono-shock rear suspension. Worked great! Looked like hell! However, Triumph has done a great job of making a bike look "classic" while retaining the monoshock configuration. There's no question: monoshock setups are easier to tune, weigh less, and streamline the looks of a bike. Dual-shock setups are easier for a non-technical rider to adjust for preload (usually with step-collars) and are more visceral, which is why they show up on most cruisers. However, many new "retro" sport bikes now have the dual-setup as well, especially the Kawasaki ZRX models. And that system works great!

In the end, mono is better. But better has never meant "domination" in the market. Just ask Bill Gates. Or Harley (although HD makes beautiful- if slow- bikes).

1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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