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It's a credit to Triumph, who like Buell recalled all models for repair instead of denying a problem exhists or blaming the owners for "mis-using" the bikes.

Replacing a final drive unit over a leaking seal is a sign of a company who takes care of it's customers and stands behind it's products 100%

It's a pity BMW couldn't do the same with it's final drive failures and ridability issues, or Honda with the G/W frame breakage and faulty charging systems on G/W's and VFR's or Suzuki with it's Bandit oil consumption issues and stator failures on the GS1100's or Harley with the TC88 cam bearing failures.

I'm sure I'm forgetting some but you get the point. Any Machine can have manufacturing defects or supplier issues, it's how they deal with the problems that makes a differance. I'll spend my money on a company that stands behind their products over one that burys it's corporate head in the sand, denies theirs a problem, then blames me because I don't know how to ride the f*****g thing.
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