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Record Sales for Triumph

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I like the Rocket,Triple and Sprint ST and I have a dealer about 15 minutes from me.

Damn! Wallet quivering again.
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As a new Triumph owner, I say go get the S3 or the Sprint. They've got an ST on the floor of my dealer (About 15 minutes away, too. Another about 50 minutes away.) It's really, really nice.

Do it. You know you want to.
I guess with Triumph selling bikes this quick longride will have forget about the new Speed Triple, to give more consideration to the idea of buying a Hayabusa. It's either that or paying for 12 cases of oil, and stockpiling the parts that will rattle off of his shovel head. VWW
I really like the new triumph line. I'm not crazy about reporting +32% increase over the same month last year. I can't even remember the total model redisigns that hit the showrooms last April. Statistics can be a tad misleading.

On a happy for triumph note. The S3 looks so good, I keep wondering if I could live with it for "light" touring.(2-3 day 500-600 mile trips) It would be a perfect bike for everyday riding. The big advantage with the "nakeds" is you don't lock'em in at 80+ and just sit on the highway. This makes the CHP happy and creates a more challenging trip route.
I liked the 2000 line-up a little better. The Thuderbird is still my favorite triumph. I bought a Used Legend last year and I love it. It's a quirky and unusual but still really peppy.

I looked at the new line-up and nothing (for lack of a better phrase) looks distinctly "like a Triumph". The bonneville looks generic cruiser to me, and the thruxton definitely looks old english, but it's a little small and underpowered for my tastes.

I want a new Thunderbird to work up to dang it!
I'm glad Triumph is doing well... they make well thought out quality bikes for the real world.

The Japanese give you either

a) their liter bike and 600 race replicas, fantastic amazing track bikes that are becomng increasingly irrelevant for road use


b) the rest of their lineups, 57 varieties of banality kludged together from the parts bins,

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Have you ridden the VFR?

Wholesome goodness.

Like a Swiss Army Knife. That's one of my mental image associations when I think of the VFR.

It's what I would consider a "gentleman's motorcycle." (Copyright Nplateau 2005). LOL.

It's the motorcycle James Bond. (Copyright Nplateau 2005). LOL.

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The Japanese give you gems like the SV650/Z750S and others. Look at all the bike companies, they have great, spanking new bikes or old/cheap models. The middle ground just doesn't exist. Maybe in Ducati's monster range, but no where else, really.

I have a SV650 and would like to move up to a better looking bike with the same ergos that is reliable and isn't a bike with a huge amount of go. I love the S3, but I know it is more bike than I can handle. So I am stuck with the relatively ugly basic bikes or the better looking bikes that have more engine than I really have use for. Ducati might have the S2R, but I don't want to pay for valve adjustments.....

Sooner or later somebody is going to release a good-looking, reliable and fun bike with comfy ergos that doesn't have a huge engine, and when that happens, my SV will be in the classifieds.
bonnie, s4...the 05 sv650 looks pretty good.
I'm pissed the local Triumph dealer has no Speed 3's around. I would seriously take a look at one, but with none in the showroom they may lose a sale. That Busa Limited has my eye at the moment. I have a dealer that is calling in some favors to get me one at a killer price. If he gets one in I may be a Suzuki owner again, although my last one was a 78 GS 750!
The worst part about Triumph doing well is the fact that it will impossible to wipe that grin off Sarnali's face.
That's what he said... banality.
Well, where are all those geniuses who predicted that Triumph would go bankrupt because they would lose their shirts over the RocketIII?

Yeah, building big cruisers for the US market is a really big mistake (sarcasm off).

I think the one, and only, genius that predicted that left the building a while back.
Most excellent. Here's to hoping that they continue the trend.

While I'm not a cruiser guy and not terribly interested in the Rocket 3....I was mightly impressed that it does not feel NEARLY as heavy as it is.

Hmmm, potential tourer?

And the new Speed Triple. Yikes, I need my meds!
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I've heard the next Triumph Tourer (New Trophy, perhaps?) will be based on the Rocket III.

Makes sense, and Triumph is BIG on platform sharing.

Look at the RIII and squint, imagine hard bags and a full fairing...
Glad to hear it. Not sure if anythings coming up higher than the Daytona/Sprint at this point in the "next" voting. Can't wait for the reviews on the 1050's. Still think the Sprint with a Daytona spec engine may make "The Ultimate Motorcycle" IMHO. More and more the most important "stat" to me is the "smiles per mile factor", Triumph seems to be making killer numbers in that area lately.
You're wrong on that one. There were at least a dozen different personalities inhabiting that particular skull.
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