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Record Sales for Triumph

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I like the Rocket,Triple and Sprint ST and I have a dealer about 15 minutes from me.

Damn! Wallet quivering again.
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Ummmmm, Honda makes 3 bikes that you could call a "replica racer"(CBR,RC51), Then there's the Super Hawk, the VFR800, and the CBR600F4i that are sporty, but not "replica" material; Then you've got the 919, and last year's 599; then you've got 8 different cruiser-type bikes ranging from 250cc to 1800cc(Rebel, Rune), a Gold Wing and an ST1300. Plus, about 12 diferent dirt bikes in either 2-stroke, or 4. As well as 5 diferent kinds of scooters. Banality? I can't think of a more diverse product line.
1 - 1 of 53 Posts
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