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Record Sales for Triumph

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I like the Rocket,Triple and Sprint ST and I have a dealer about 15 minutes from me.

Damn! Wallet quivering again.
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What about the 2005 Triumph Tiger ?? has anyone out there ridden one, or does anyone own one. I am thinking about buying the BMW GS 1200 but it may be a little too dirt bike looking? I have seen the Tiger on-line but not up close. I'd appreciate folks thoughts.
Thanks guys ..... I took out the 05' today, for about 10-12 miles. I like the height, reminds me of riding my old RM 250. And maybe I'm getting old, but the riding position is comfortable as heck. I am finding that riding posture is quickly becoming a top priority. I'm not looking at it for real dirt riding, just down an old logging trail or grass path once in a while here in the Northeast. It may take me a few miles to get used to the top heavy feeling I sensed when winding left to right to left through the twisties. It seems that for the money this is a nice bike and it was fun to test ride.
1 - 2 of 53 Posts
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