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Re: Red Headed Itailian Indian?

I remember those from the 70's. They had use of the indian name for a while.


Mr. Newman was also a pragmatist and saw the market for mini-bikes, and still owning the Indian name and logos he contracted with a manufacturer in Taiwan to make Indian mini-bikes from 1971 through 1976. Indian had their own factory in Taipei, and used Minarelli, Morini and Fuji engines of 50 c.c. through 175 c.c. Early models were called "Indian Four", trying to cash in on the fame of the prewar Four, but actually referring to 4 stroke engine rather than four cylinders.) Sales were good in the beginning, with over 20,000 sold during the 1972/73 season. In Jan. 1977 the Indian name was sold to American Moped Associates, who continued to use the plant in Taiwan unitl about 1982 when they sold out to Mr. Carmen Deleone (who is mentioned elsewhere in this website). As a result, Manco go-karts were made with the Indian name on them for a year. Below is a photo of a 1978-82 made-in-Taiwan Indian which I took at a rally in the year 2000. It says Four Stroke on the side. For more details on the Indian mini-bike era see , and thanks to their web author for the above info.
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