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Red Knights in Shining Armor.

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Ding-Ding-Ding!! FP
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There's a Connecticut chapter of the HA that could be the goal of their next charity ride.
Re: Where was I...

When I was a kid I lived in Silverlake up the street from Raymond Hill, Chief LAFD 1966-1975. Hill was the Fire Chief who got the LAFD armed with Remington Mod. 870 Express 12 ga. shotguns after the 1st LA riots.

Hill was quite an innovator in fire fighting. Also had a full dress Hog.

This working from home is fun. If this is any indication on how hard the average American works, we're in big trouble...

And the cat has stopped talking to me.
guess what

the Axemen in wayne county do the same thing. they've been helping burn centers in Detroit for years.
Re: Where was I...

I've been working from home for nearly 3 years. I work a lot more hours, but man, it is nice not having to deal with office crap.

The cat hates me and is plotting my death.
Way Cool.. Firefighters are my heros... these guys give motorcyclists a good name...
Re: Where was I...

I work often from home and I have two parrots plotting my demise, and being parrots, they taunt me about how they will do it.
Re: Where was I...

LOL...I love parrots.... I am back in the cube farms i.e. I took a management gig. today was my first full day on the working from home, no flex time, lots of meetings, office politics, oh and I just love that 50 min commute during rush hour... worst thing things is I can't read MO anytime I feel like it..

I want to get a parot but I have 4 dogs and a cat. Wife says no way.. .
Re: Where was I...

I've been not working from work for the last several years. I'd prefer to not work from home, but I wouldn't get paid near enough.
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