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Redmond Man Cited for Going Over 100 mph.

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I refuse to say first post. Guys like this make us all look bad.
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So, what you're saying is; people speed?

I'm shocked. Shocked, I say...
This Chap is dull of wit and SLOW of apprehension.

Bad enough he crashed, but never never never ever admit how fast you were going even if you're caught in orbit.
I somehow get the impression his ankle wasn't the only thing injured in that crash
In the state of Montana, you can be committed as suicidally insane for operating a motorcycle in excess of 100 mph - by statute!!

Sigh. The voices tell me I'm crazy.

- Jim
I remember when I thought 100 was a big number.
When did going 100 become such a BFD? I must have missed something.
Heck, the "Ton" is nothing these days. It's still illegal however. This dumb butt just did it at the wrong time. (the track is where I recommend doing this)

Now that I think about it, if the dude was going 110, how fast did the cop have to go to catch him? No public safety issue there at all, huh?
Others are just mad because the "voices" only talk to us.

"just a little faster, just a little more gas.....COP!!!! Oh Sh!t!!!! BRAKES!! BRAKES!!BRAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
The news media makes it out like it's a big deal, but I have friends in Law Enforcement - they've told me (to the MAN) that they (and their coworkers) go over 100 *Every* Day. One of 'em said "Any excuse - hell, we'll make something up".

Most days they put it over 130, only occasionally to the "limit" of what their car will do (but they all know what it is!)

So, the "outrage" and stern lectures are all B.S.

Kettle, meet Pot.......

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Good for him for getting back in the saddle so quickly. The speeding violation is irrelevant.
way to go Fonzarello. Did you befriend the girl in the pink bikini?
This is no secret to any squid. There you are loafing along at 85. On your 6 Waaay off in the distance you see those telltale headlights gaining on you fast. So you back off to somewhere closer to the speed limit. Whoooshhh, there goes john law blasting by you. No emergence, no overhead lights flashing, just driving really fast because they can.

Life's not fair! Especially to me, my Mrs. is the animal control officer working for our Sheriff's office. Her tools to keep me slow and safe are her co-workers and state trooper friends.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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