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Regis Laconi at the Assen Demo Ride

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Why not here?

Man, wouldn't I love to attend one of these wing-dings as a potential buyer.

Why do you suppose it is that we don't have promotions like this in the United States?
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That's 1 1/2 hour less then me....

I think that Aprilia should ditch the RS250 cup and should make it a RSV1000 cup with a really nice offer on RSV's in race trim, without the tax shi_te and all. I understood we could race a Gixer 600 for 14.500 guilders in stead of the 26.000 government rip off. :-(

Its time to visit some friends who race, maybe I can persuade them both to let me try the RS250 and RSV1000R and give a better opinion. I dont scale my chances of riding them high though. :)
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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