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Has anyone out there used the pro start clutch mod from rekluse?
Rekluse Pro-Start semi auto clutch for Harley Davidson Rekluse Motorsports UK 3. Rekluse Pro Start

There are lots of steep hill intersections and traffic jams where i live and i was thinking about putting one on my (new to me and first bike) sporty 1200 till i got used to the weight and power of it.

Looks like it would be a nice trick to have up your sleeve if you can avoid the obvious temptation to drag race with it. I wonder how it effects clutch wear..

and before anyone starts.. yes i know.. auto clutches come at the cost of your manliness.. I'm ok with that..
I saw them at the Cincy V-Twin show and they look like they would work great. You can also clutch shift if you feel the need, but for hills and slow traffic, I think the thing would work fine.
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