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Renowned Motocrosser Dead in Car Crash.

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Sorry to hear of his passing..especially due to apparent driver inattention. Thankfully his daughter is OK.
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Best wishes to his Family......
RIP, jim. you were a hero to dirt riders of my generation ... the golden age of motocross.

my condolences to the family.

Jeeps are the worst of vehicles for rolling. I had another friend get killed rolling one back in the 80's. If you insist on drvivng a Jeep put on a good rollbar.
I met Jim a few times and he was a really great guy. It is a shame to lose him.
RIP Jim. Hope you're roosting your old Bultaco way up yonder in the clouds somewhere.
It was my great pleasure to meet and talk to Jim at many AHRMA Nationals the last several years. At Mid Ohio award ceremony last week,I jokingly threatened to kiss I wish I had. Jim was a genuine and enthusiastic competitor and supporter of AHRMA and a joy to be around.......he will be sorely missed by the vintage MX community. Godspeed Jim.
Jim was a true hero to those of us in the '70s who grew up watching him, Bad Brad, Jammin' Jimmy and the boys duke it out. The image of that Bultaco jersey he wore is burned into my memory forever. My deepest regrets to his family and friends.
Guess he dropped his glasses on the floor of his jeep, reached down and ate it. Good that his daughter's ok. What a drag. Bet old Bimbo never thought he'd go that way. Maybe being centerpunched by a Russian on a CZ, but never behind the wheel of a lowly CJ.
I can still see him blasting down the downhill at Southwick back in the early 70`s on the old Bultaco Pursang. Godspeed J. P.
Terrible loss. We never know, do we?
Well that sucks. He was one of my hero's growing up, a local boy kickin' ass.

Condolances to his family.
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