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Repeal of Motorcycle Helmet Law Gets Preliminary Approval in House.

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woo-hoo, let's thin out the herd. (j/k)

I mean does it really matter that much. My Dad rides a cruiser and when he does wear a helmet he just wears a non DOT approved,, novelty only, porridge pot. I'm sure most the cruiser guys are like this. I don't have statistics but it seems the half helmets don't really offer that much protection.
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I hate the law, but would not ride without a helmet (strange, eh?). I jus don't like being told what to do. And generally I don't believe that laws control behavior as much as they would like them to. If you want to take the risk of yourself, then by all means....go for it. I'll stick to wearing my helmet.
i also fall in the "you should, but i think it's wrong to make you" crowd. choosing not to look after your best interests shouldn't be a crime.
I love Arizona we wll never pass a adult helmet law. When its 110 out you can cook your brain while sitting at a red light.
You need a cooler helmet, try a Shoei X-11 it's cooler that not wearing a helmet at all.
There's no reason to deny health benefits. It's just propaganda that non-helmeted motorcyclists cost more in health benefits. Actually they cost LESS because they are more often killed outright instead of just crippled.

The same bogus argument is being used by states to collect damages from tobacco companies on the theory that smokers cost the state more in health care. In fact the opposite it true because they die early and don't collect as much retirement.
I've got one and love it! Well worth the extra coin.

I was amazed, since the crappy helmet I wore (rarely) in AZ was like wrapping my head in a garbage bag.

I usually went helmetless in AZ and still remember a few years back during the summer it was just brutal. I think it was '02 when the temps got near 120 (as apposed to the cool breeziness of 112s and 115s). At the stop lights I was just pouring sweat.

The blacktop made it seem 20 degrees hotter.

Though, I do miss the year round riding.

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Funny how self-righteous the ricer riding crowd is about folks who do not wear helmets, yet they are the first to ride irresponsibly and cause danger on the road to both themselves and other road users.

I guess if I rode like a **** I would want to wear a helmet too ...
Ok here buddy. There is no reason for you to start making comments about those guys riding crotchrockets just because you are tired of being the slow guy in the crowd. I am local to this area. While I do not believe this helmet law should be changed, I do think people should have a choice. If you choose to be stupid - then that's your choice. Stupid is as stupid does. Cooking the brain in AZ waiting at stop lights? - Better to cook the brain then splatter it in the ground and let it fry that way!

Grow up and wear a helmet each time you get on the bike. You can not expect the unexpected!
Grow up - you could have a fast bike if you chose to - the fact that you chose a slow bike is not anyone elses fault so don't even bring it up. Grow up and wear a helmet each and every time you ride. You made a comment about those guys riding like a **** - your comments put you in that same catagory !!!
O f(ck here we go with another stupid helmet thread.

It's like freaking "Groundhog Day".
I wear a helmet 99% of the time. I am however fully against any legislation requiring helmet use.
I can ride like a **** anytime I want. I choose not to. The way I choose to ride had a lot to do with the bike I purchased. The bike I chose to purchase has little to do with the way I ride.

By exceeding the speed limits you break the law; by not wearing a helmet I do not. Yet I should grow up? What part of breaking the law is mature and adult behavior?

Wearing a helmet is not a panacea to being safe out there. Riding in a responsible manner is.

Would that make you a 1%er??
No helmet law? No body armor? No right to die?? Those wacky christian republicans.
This is not about helmets--it's about poor old bigdx (think he's got a problem?) finding any excuse he can to abuse people who ride Japanese motorcycles. It's kinda pathetic. We probably shouldn't reward his pitiful cries for attention by responding in any way.
non-helmet riders: just get over it

Every other motorized transport in the US has associated safety laws and regulations. If you wanna run free and wild, move to France.
Thanks Dave, I was hanging for that bit of attention.

PS. If I give you my phone number will you call?
Re: non-helmet riders: just get over it

If you wanna run free and wild, move to France.
Where they place a horsepower restriction on motorcycles? You gotta be kidding me.
You must live in a different part of the U.S. Around here, it seems like the Harley riders are the ones who act like a bunch of maniacs.

I see groups of sportbike riders who are always in full gear, riding well, and with no wheelies or other stupidity.
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