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Resetting Guage Cluster

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With the universal calibration device (i.e. 3 pound sledge).

Works every time.
Takes one to know one, eh?
Tried that a few years back on the CB350. But since my old Home Utility (pre Black & Decker) hand drill only turns about 700 rpm, it read 15 mph on the speedo.

After about half a day I gave up. Put 100 more miles on the CB without even trying.

Maybe use a Moto-Tool?
Re: Why do it the hard way?

Wow, and maybe after you're done with the speedo, it'll be 1976 again. Time travel problem solved. Should report this to NASA.
Now that's a little much in my book. Here's a short breakdown:

1/2 lb. Ball Peen: Carbs, lighting.

3/4 lb. Ball Peen: Shifters, brake levers.

1&1/2 lb. "small"Sledge: Exhaust Systems.

2 Lb. Sledge & up: Frames, forks. Rims. Quick

removal of fooforaw.

I usually reserve the 10 pounder for my 5 hp

Fairanks Morse hit-or-miss when I recalibrate the mains. Also for slaughtering cattle.

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1 - 5 of 33 Posts
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