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Resident Voters Uphold Motorcycle Ban.

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Resident and former association director Suzie Kessler sounds like a real fun lady...
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What have they got against motorcycles


Why on earth can't you ride your motorcycle in this community?

Too loud??

Too fast??

Too flashy??

Too rude??

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Just another reason to avoid living in any community with an organized home owners association...

I can't imagine any benefit to having to ask a group of yayhoos which flowers I can pick in my own yard, or what tree I can plant, or how many trees I can have, or what color I can paint my house.. Sounds kind of communist to me.. and don't even think of telling me I can't ride my motorcycle through the neighborhood.
About 10 years ago, I lived in Canyon Lake. They NEVER ALLOWED STREET MOTORCYCLES THROUGH THE FRONT/BACK GATES. Period.

Please remember, most people who live in Canyon Lake are run roughshod by the Canyon Lake Owners association. A bunch of control freaks. Try getting a boat on the lake sometime, or make a right-turn on the lake to pick up a downed waterskier. It's like a gulag. And the tickets aren't cheap.

The place sucks, and should be burnt to the ground. I'd rather live in Lake Elsinore anyway (if I had the choice).

HO associations indeed stink. But they do serve a purpose other than to cater to control nutbags....Corporate Gypsies - you KNOW who you are, you gutless wonders - tend to like restrictive covenant communities due to the perception of a more stable resale value. And because of: more people like us!

As for me, I decide where I live. Not some creep of a corp VP.

To perdition with Canyon Lake.
Right idea but wrong solution

I wonder if the rule was changed to a noise ordance i.e. you can ride your motocycle if it has a proper muffler if the vote would have been different. The GPTB crowd that loves loud pipes is killing it for all motorcyclist. Up in Vancouver BC they are enacting noise ordances cause of the Harley crowd and their after market pipes..
No kidding

Yep 17,000 dollars seems pretty steep. Who says you have to hire a CPA firm to count the ballots. Florida in 2000 didn't :) ok bad example.. Wyoming didn't and they counted the ballots ok..
Re: Right idea but wrong solution

I remember when i was back up in BC one summer, the entire night you'd hear the harley riders gunning the ***** out of their engines up and down the main drag till 2-4 in the sucked. I'm more than happy to stick with a stock exhaust system if it'd get the damn harley rides off the ***** streets.
According to the Canyon Lake Property Owners Association Governing Documents (available for reference on their website via .PDF) the following items are VERBOTEN:



Use, operation, riding upon or in, or

transportation on or by, any motorcycle,

two (2) or three (3) wheeled motorized

vehicle, off-road vehicle, four (4)

wheeled motorcycle or similar vehicle

on any lot, street, common area or

CLPOA property within the Subdivision

is prohibited. Golf carts may be used

and operated within the Subdivision

subject to the Board of Directors reasonable

regulation thereof.

Members, their guests or invitees may

park motorcycles at their own risk at

designated portions of CLPOA property

at or near entrances to Canyon Lake.

Violation of this rule may result in a

progressive fine within a 36-month period

as listed below:

1st Offense $100.00

2nd Offense $200.00

3rd Offense $400.00

4th Offense $800.00

5th Offense $1,000.00

Don't like it, tough guy? Huh? What did you say?:

14. Physical or Language Abuse of

Canyon Lake POA Employee: $100.

And don't let me catch you doing this:

15. Leaving out trash containers: $25

per occurrence.

I bet there is a juicy story behind this one, though:

11. Portable toilet not anchored:

1st offense $100 per week

2nd offense $200 per week

3rd offense $300 per week

Pete is right. HOAs are indeed a pox.
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I have a weekend place in a very well known northern California coastal development that has a notorious HA and a very comprehensive set of rules... and I really don't have any problems with it. I knew what the deal was when I bought in.

The rules work both ways, they limit what I can do and they protect me from the bad taste and bad ideas of others.

If ya don't like the deal, don't buy. Simple as that. WTF should anybody care how some other little community manages their own internal affairs?

I think humans smell bad and are often too loud and whiny. I think we should ban 'em from the planet!
You've got it right. It's simply the fascism of sheeple who think that they have the right to restrict any behavior in others that they think that might cost them a buck. And they fear anything that looks different. Helmet nazis, smoking nazis, junk food nazis, property values nazis, etc..... same attitude... same @$$holes. Each one will come up with a million different reasons why THEIR particular pet fascism is okay.
The bikers should redo this every year since it costs the HOA tens of thousands of dollars each time. Hit the despots where they live. In fact, since so many HD owners are attorneys, they should simply tie up the HOA with a constant stream of nuisance lawsuits until they give up.

Take no prisoners!

I agree. If you keep wasting the assoc. money the residents will eventually cave- in about 5 or 6 more years.
It doesn't ban pushing your motorcycle down the middle of the street to your home.
Re: Wight idea but wong sorution

Jerks are jerks, and I see lot's more Gen X bozos with loud pipe, then I do "THE GPTB" crowd. In fact, I'd say people with gray beards and hair like me, are MORE likely to ride a quiet bike.

And why are you constantly trying to peddle that all motorcycle related social problems are from the actions of boomers?

Could it be because we're use to a lot more freedom that you are (read that a lot less people), and you know it?

Again, KP, get a life. And have a nice day :}
Indeed, you can push your bike home. Unfortunately the push can be upwards of a mile+. The community is rather large.

I find singing (softly, and no offensive lyrics mind you) helps pass the time in situations like that.
Be it far from me to be able to protect myself. Is there an HA that can help me too? Good ph_ckin God gimme a break with the prison with Golden Bars!!!!
doesn't say anything about pushing your motorcycle while it's running either. I bet a bit of clutch slipping would sure help with the hills :)
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