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According to the Canyon Lake Property Owners Association Governing Documents (available for reference on their website via .PDF) the following items are VERBOTEN:



Use, operation, riding upon or in, or

transportation on or by, any motorcycle,

two (2) or three (3) wheeled motorized

vehicle, off-road vehicle, four (4)

wheeled motorcycle or similar vehicle

on any lot, street, common area or

CLPOA property within the Subdivision

is prohibited. Golf carts may be used

and operated within the Subdivision

subject to the Board of Directors reasonable

regulation thereof.

Members, their guests or invitees may

park motorcycles at their own risk at

designated portions of CLPOA property

at or near entrances to Canyon Lake.

Violation of this rule may result in a

progressive fine within a 36-month period

as listed below:

1st Offense $100.00

2nd Offense $200.00

3rd Offense $400.00

4th Offense $800.00

5th Offense $1,000.00

Don't like it, tough guy? Huh? What did you say?:

14. Physical or Language Abuse of

Canyon Lake POA Employee: $100.

And don't let me catch you doing this:

15. Leaving out trash containers: $25

per occurrence.

I bet there is a juicy story behind this one, though:

11. Portable toilet not anchored:

1st offense $100 per week

2nd offense $200 per week

3rd offense $300 per week

Pete is right. HOAs are indeed a pox.

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Indeed, you can push your bike home. Unfortunately the push can be upwards of a mile+. The community is rather large.

I find singing (softly, and no offensive lyrics mind you) helps pass the time in situations like that.
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