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Woke up at 5.30, look out the window, OH POEP!!!

Och well, put on my new IXS Trailor pants (great stuff!!) and a rainjacket over the leather jacket and headed for Assen. Thunderbolts ahead of us showed the way. After avoiding assorted police radar, we parked in a already soaked field, enjoying the odd mud-stuck biker who braked rather than sped up...

Strubben was packed and with the rain stopped we all sat in the raising damp. Lovely.

We were surrounded by ze zjermans who were supporting Katja Poensgen with foghorns and the like. Their beer was good as well....

Mac did well, I like the guy.

The sun came out big time during the races and the 92,000 of us eagerly waited for the 500's.

It was a cracker!! Not sure if Max would have been able to hold on (Rossi's bike was on the very edge though) but who F'ing Cares? Pity they all headed for the pits so no lap of honor. Jurgen braved the rain, smoking his rear to the crowd.

The cameras packed and left, only to miss a great 600/750 Supersport.

Back to the bikes, enjoyed another mud ballet, headed home, went for a curry, watch the taped races, scoffed beer, fell asleep happy.

Roll on Superbike in September!!

Flying Dutchman
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