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Re: Biaggi under pressure

Cheap? No. But he wasn't under so much pressure then... I believe that was Hola's point.

I don't think anybody doubts that Biaggi is fast when things are going well for him. Most of the intelligent criticisms that I've heard about his riding are that he's not good at adapting when things aren't going well. But who am I to say... I don't know the man, and I haven't ridden his bike.

I don't understand the comments about Biaggi being bad under pressure, though... if I remember correctly, he put in some excellent performances in pressure situations on the way to his multiple 250cc championships.

Biaggi's sportsmanship (or lack thereof) is a separate conversation.

No matter how you slice it, though, this year Rossi has simply been better on race day than Biaggi. Biaggi may have 3 victories, but Rossi has 10.
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