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Results 500cc race at Dutch TT

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Seeing the race red flagged at that point in the race (wigh Rossi and Biaggi battling it out) was almost as bad as seeing Rossi crash on the final lap at Mugello. At least Rossi picks up 20 points instead of 0 but I'm sure he could have gotten past him. Anyone got any ideas as to why Rossi's starts always suck and why he doesnt usually try and pass the race leaders till mid race? I've heard him mention full and low tanks of gas and wonder if he sets up his bike for a lighter weight so it'll run better at the end.
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he's young and needs to work on getting the holeshot, but did you see biaggi at the start? he came off the line like he was shot out of a cannon and got the holeshot. i'm not so sure rossi would have won had the race gone the distance. rossi passed biaggi at one point for the lead, but biaggi charged right back and held on. i was stunned when they called the race off. it was only a tease those few laps of rossi vs biaggi, i was left begging for more
I'm sure Rossi would have crashed.... his bike didnot seem as safe as Max's and Max rode a good defense line (the way he closed the gap on the straight was brilliant).

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