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Results from Daytona 200

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Crazy race, the 200 was. saw it on ESPN and part of it from my dorm window since I go to college in Daytona. 3 red flags. Duhamel crashing out, Picote running 6th until engine trouble late in the race, Hayden restarting 2 laps back on lap 4 and finishing 10th, Yates crashing and to the hospital, Bostrom finishing 2nd. Interesting start to the season
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Abe's Daytona Analysis

Well, it was clear that Matt was the one to beat, but practically every other rider favored to win went out in a crash or was out of the running due to mechanical problems. Kind of lame, actually.... I really wanted to see Mladin, Hayden, Russel, Bostrom, and Duhamel all battle for the lead, but it wasn't meant to be. The incident involving Russel at the second restart was particularly ugly, by the way. Ouch!


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JUMPS WHEN THERE IS A YELLOW FLAG OUT? he is suck in inconsiderate f*ck. I'm soooo happy that pastrana whooooped him!

i hate pontiac aztecs too.

harley dont deserve to race.
Please, if anyone knows the health and condition of Mr. John Pearson #44 (he broadsided Scott on the restart when Scott somehow stalled his Ducati), please let me know! This was perhaps the worst Daytona 200 I've ever watched... I was sick to my stomach seeing these guys crash the way they did. Thank God everyone appears to have non-career ending injuries so far. I pray that everyone (especially Scott and John) heals from their injuries quickly.
also, John Pearson is a good friend of mine and I've been trying very hard to get information anywhere about his condition and well-being. If any of you find anything, please let us know!
What was that pace car doing out there?

The first crash-red flag occured when Curtis Roberts slammed on the brakes on the back stretch to slow for the pace car. Apparently he, nor several others did not see the yellow flags. He then got rear ended by several riders.

What was that pace car doing out there going so slow? Why weren't there more/better yellow flaggers out with the warning?

Too bad about Scott Russell - man did he get creamed.

I woke up this morning ready to watch the biggest race ever the Daytona 200. My stomach has butterflies just thinking of the start of the 200 and to the 2001 season. The flag drops and I am about to pee my paints. 75% through the first lap and Mladin has a huge lead and I think to myself this is going to suck seeing one guy out in first not battling with anyone. Then comes the crashes the bikes breaking riders getting hurt WHAT THE HELL. I was very disappointed in the 200 today. I sit here writing this in a pissed off mood and no way to make it better but to wait for the next race to start and see a good battle up front. I send my prayers to the guy that died in the Pro Thunder class and to his family, also to the riders that where hurt today and hope a speedy recovery. The one good thing that happen today was to see Ben get third in WSBK and then to get smacked back down with the stop and go on the second race. What a F*%@ up weekend!!!!!!!
Kurtis didn't slam on the brakes, he rolled off (just as he was supposed to), then Bonehead Hacking rammed him and Yates. Yamaha needs to get rid of that joker. I hope Aaron is OK. Congratulations to Kurtis for finishing his first 200 in 3rd with a busted up hand and an ill handling machine.

Speaking of the RC, that thing has some serious steam. Did you notice how Miguel was toying with Mladin? He let Matt around him than ran him down on the front straight. The Suzuki is a great bike, but Honda has really got its ponies in the stable now. Sad that Miguel biffed it out of the race. He was very, very likely to have won it.

As for Russell, I am sorry to see that happen and I hope that he and the other two riders are OK. Still, he really screwed up. One of the first things you learn in roadracing is if you have a problem, DO NOT pull off the track. Rather, put your hand up and wave it, signifying the problem. People will find their way around you. Scott swerved left and caused the crash. Really strange to see such an experienced rider make that sort of mistake. I hope he is not too badly beaten up.

Lastly, endless kudos to Eric Bostrom for wringing that old Kawasaki's neck to a 2nd place finish. On a competitive bike, Eric could easily take the championship. Speaking of which, I heard a rumor about a Kawasaki liter twin in the works.
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Lousy race with pitiful coverage by ESPN2. "Hey there's something interesting about to happen, lets go to commercial" - fine, but it is PRE-RECORDED!!!!

Why do you insert a commercial break then resume after something has happened!

Why the hell do they still even run this race? A bike race held on a track made for ******* car rivers to go around in circles for hours? Safety? Who cares - if these guys don't do it, somebody else will step up and put their life on the line. The FIM would never allow a motorcycle race to be run within inches of a concrete wall (ask DuHammel how that feels when it all goes wrong, and you hit the wall hard) - and the AMA just continue to show what a complete bunch of assholes they really are by including this track (and other speed ovals) in their schedule.

Bottom line - if they didn't, they would only have about 5 races in their season. Leave the speed bowls to the ******* nascar jerks, they aren't for bikes. And they are boring too.
mark ciccotto's condition? does anybody know how he is?
Just a few points ....

Uh, first of all -- where've you been? Yamaha DID get rid of Jamie Hacking. He was on a Suzuki.

Secondly, Scott Russell did not "swerve left" -- his engine died and he was trying to get off the track to the rider's RIGHT, which was the closest edge to the track.

Thirdly, I don't know what Okie racing organization you learned in, but I was taught to get out of the racing line and get my hand up. The starting grid is ALL racing line. Because he was close to the edge of the track anyway, it made sense to me. Dean Mizdal is a veteran racer (in fact I used to race against him back in the late 80's on RZ350s in the AFM)and I have to believe his vision was simply obscured in some way in order for him to tag Russell like that.

I am on record as being of the opinion that Russell is a loudmouth egomaniac whose time has passed. Even so, I wouldn't wish that incident (I shudder remembering Bubba Shobert's career-ending collision with Kevin McGhee) on anyone. I sincerely hope his injuries are not severe.
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Give ESPN a break ....

I originally thought the same thing about the race coverage from ESPN2.

Then I realized that this race was set up to be televised 4 hours after it's start time -- roughly 2 hours after the end of the race. In reality, the race start was delayed 45 minutes to begin with, and because of all of the restarts and carnage, the race was actually still running when ESPN begain it's "taped" coveage. I'm not a television producer, and I'm sure they're paid well enough to need to be able to handle this situation, but I don't imagine it was a whole lot of fun to have to deal with. You've got a crew who expects to be editing a complete race and have two hours to do it, then they're faced with a situation of editing an event that is still unfolding, with no time cushion whatsoever.

I agree it wasn't the best sports broadcast I've ever witnessed. As for your tirade against Daytona, well, it IS the single biggest motorcycle race in the world, like it or not, and it's not going away. And while I am not a big NASCAR fan, there is real skill and strategy involved, far more than most people realize.
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Re: Give ESPN a break ....

I am mixed about ESPN... in a way it's great that a mainstram calble network carries the race, but do they have to be so damn bad at it ??? What other racing body, NASCAR, CART, FIM has 3 commercials with 7 laps left in a race ?? That is totally inexcusable. I know that ANY coverage is good for racing, but what we saw was a travesty. ESPN covered NASCAR for 20 years, and they did it VERY well.... extend us the same courtesy please ?
I think ESPN2 did a pretty good job with all the delays. Too many commercials though.

As far as I'm concerned, as long as Dave "cannon fodder" Despain, and that constantly bewildered Larry Maiers are not on the program, it is a class presentation.

Gobert's incident looked scary...

Mladin and Suzuki look erect and ready for the season.
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I got a hold of the race on tape. I watched the ESPN2 slow-mo on my vcr on slow-mo and watched the crashes happen in ultra-slow-mo. Anyway, they were too blurry to see exactly who crashed and who did not. I am getting mixed reports both online and from the commentators on ESPN2 (and the ESPN2 commentators have been known to be quite inaccurate at times with names and bike models.. like when they called the YZF750 an FZR750, etc..etc..). Anyway, I'm not sure but from what I can tell from the blurry images, it looked like it wasn't actually John Pearson who plowed into Russell, but someone else.. I think John was behind that guy and ended up low-siding his GSXR after clipping another downed bike sliding across the grid. Not too sure though as everything was so blurry. Anyway, Scott didn't do the wise thing by making himself wider on the grid when his bike stalled on him. The narrower he makes himself the better.. There is no way he could have made it off the track perpindicular to the racing line at turtle speed and not expect to get hit! Regardless though, I hope they all recover quickly!
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For us poor buggers that will never get to see the race, why did Gobert's incident look so bad?

I've shead a chain before, but I hardly knew anything was wrong except for the revs going up. But then again, I didn't rip my cases apart either, so mine wasn't nearly as bad.

Oh! Was that the Daytona 200 I was watching yesterday? Wow, I though it was a demolition derby.

What an incredible race! I really enjoyed being there!

I came away amazed with Nicky Hadden. He battled his way from the very back of the field through many very fast riders to finish 10th. If he can get consistent he will soon become the reigning king of the superbike world.

Looks like it's going to be a very exciting year of racing!
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