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Lousy race with pitiful coverage by ESPN2. "Hey there's something interesting about to happen, lets go to commercial" - fine, but it is PRE-RECORDED!!!!

Why do you insert a commercial break then resume after something has happened!

Why the hell do they still even run this race? A bike race held on a track made for ******* car rivers to go around in circles for hours? Safety? Who cares - if these guys don't do it, somebody else will step up and put their life on the line. The FIM would never allow a motorcycle race to be run within inches of a concrete wall (ask DuHammel how that feels when it all goes wrong, and you hit the wall hard) - and the AMA just continue to show what a complete bunch of assholes they really are by including this track (and other speed ovals) in their schedule.

Bottom line - if they didn't, they would only have about 5 races in their season. Leave the speed bowls to the ******* nascar jerks, they aren't for bikes. And they are boring too.
1 - 1 of 39 Posts
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