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I woke up this morning ready to watch the biggest race ever the Daytona 200. My stomach has butterflies just thinking of the start of the 200 and to the 2001 season. The flag drops and I am about to pee my paints. 75% through the first lap and Mladin has a huge lead and I think to myself this is going to suck seeing one guy out in first not battling with anyone. Then comes the crashes the bikes breaking riders getting hurt WHAT THE HELL. I was very disappointed in the 200 today. I sit here writing this in a pissed off mood and no way to make it better but to wait for the next race to start and see a good battle up front. I send my prayers to the guy that died in the Pro Thunder class and to his family, also to the riders that where hurt today and hope a speedy recovery. The one good thing that happen today was to see Ben get third in WSBK and then to get smacked back down with the stop and go on the second race. What a F*%@ up weekend!!!!!!!
1 - 1 of 39 Posts
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