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Returning rider - Tall rider...

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Make sure that after a 15 year absence you get a bike that can at least go 150 mph. Try and find something that will lift the front wheel off the ground in any gear whether you are leaned over or straightened up. It's also very important to find something that has enough horsepower to spin the back tire when ever possible. If you can't seem to find something that will make all of these scenarios possible go to a Suzuki shop and try on a DL650.

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It's interesting that Ace and gbrummett pounded the effort for tiered licensing and yet were the first to recommend "high-powered" bikes.

Why do we need the government to mandate a program when we could take it upon ourselves to point a new buyer in the right direction.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not attacking either poster. Ace has some great dealer info he shares with us and gbrummett has some great user experience on Buells.

But we have a buyer that hasn't ridden in 15 years, seems to be taking the safety course for the first time and only has experience on a nighthawk for an undetermined amount of time.

Wouldn't a KLR 650, EX500, GS500 or even one of the Hyosung 250cc versions of the SV that be a better choice for a full size rider looking for, essentially, a first bike?

I just don't get why we need government to step in when we can do it ourselves.

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That's why I named the KLR and the Hyosung 250. The Hyosung is an SV650 with a smaller engine in it.

But the point is, as soon as some one asks what to ride, people give completely opposite advice from the thread they were on previously beating the drum for government intrusion because people make poor choices and kill themselves.

Here is an opportunity to move someone in the right direction and we have comments like "You'd be surprised how much fun 70 hp can be" when we had people giving stories about how a new rider wreck on a bike that had just a little more than that when they were attempting to defend government mandating tiered licensing.

Now, apart from that, how is the wind protection on the sv650s being as tall as you are? Does the wind beat down on your helmet? Especially since sportier positioned bikes are usually geared towards people under 6’.

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Buell Ulysses

BMW R 1200 GS Adventure

BMW R 1200 GS

KTM 950 Adventure

Suzuki V-Strom

Triumph Tiger


Yamaha FZ1

Yamaha FZ-6

Kawasaki ZRX

BMW R1150R

Suzuki Bandit 1200s

Suzuki bandit 600s

Triumph Speed III

So, when everyone was preaching that they wanted and we NEED tiered licensing legislation you guys meant that the first tier (and someone that hasn't ridden in 15 years IS a first tier, especially since he is just signing up for the safety course) would be bikes between 65hp (DL650) and 129hp (FZ1)?!

I had no idea. If that's the case, than bring on tiered licensing. I was so very wrong. I am sorry I doubted so many of you on this forum.

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But there is no mandatory training class right now. The current safety course does not prepare you for the above listed bikes.

Yet, we are recommending these as a first bike from a 15 year layoff from a rider that has an undefined skill level?! And that level is pointing more to quite low than high.

Re: This is the Central Scrutinizer

Excellent use of a Zappa reference.

Neat. I wonder if they will make it to PHilly...or maybe they already have.

But what I am getting at is that one of the claims and defense to install a tiered system is that dealers and friends point new/returning riders in a poor direction or they choose poorly themselves. So here's a guy looking to be pointed and the people screaming loudest for tiered licensing are making the worst suggestions.

Your salesman is a douchebag. Kick him in the nuts, tar him and roll him down a steep hill.
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