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Returning rider - Tall rider...

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Make sure that after a 15 year absence you get a bike that can at least go 150 mph. Try and find something that will lift the front wheel off the ground in any gear whether you are leaned over or straightened up. It's also very important to find something that has enough horsepower to spin the back tire when ever possible. If you can't seem to find something that will make all of these scenarios possible go to a Suzuki shop and try on a DL650.

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So, you're looking at nekked or semi-nekked bikes, is that where you want to stay? If so, the monster is a great bike but reality is that you'll hate the riding position if you ride more than 50 miles. The "original" FZ1 is a great bike with better ergos than the 919. Here are a few others, go all used because you never know how your taste will change over the next few months: Yamaha FZ1, Kawasaki ZRX, BMW R1150R, Suzuki Bandit 1200s, Triumph Speed III. All can be had for between $4500-$6500 used. Check service records on them and ask the bloggers in any of the individual forums for things to look for (small fixes, upgrades, any warranty work) while shopping. Good luck and remember to be patient while shopping. It will help keep the headaches in check.
Yes- he'd be tier 1 w/ option of testing for higher tiers based on his manditory training class results.
Ah, but there's no tier licensing either. [email protected], the system.

Off Subject- did anyone get to see any of the zappa plays zappa tour? Let me be the first to say that I am NOT a big Zappa fan. I do, however, appreciate the talent and musicianship that goes into every song. That aside, the tour came through ATL several weeks back and I noticed two things: 1- Dweezle was smiling the whole time (actually enjoying what he has accomplished with the band- I suppose.). 2- They were as "spot-on" as Frank could have wished for. Worth every cent.

You can't miss it. Besides the fact that it was filled w/ Zappa alumni it was, musically speaking, one of the best shows I've ever seen. The little girl singing backing vocals has amazing range (they also play with effects on some of her backing stuff-very funny, very cool). The whole thing was a site. Just go to
My whole arguement in the tiered thing is that if we use this system, and along w/ training (once again manditory), students/riders should be given a chance to advance the tier based on skills obtained from training. It's a tough subject but change is good if it is for the benefit of future riders. Most guys that have once ridden and are re-entering should have some of the basic skills needed to get teir 1 but if they are so skilled as to advance in tier then great. But no one wants to believe it's that easy.


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