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Ride a Bike? Like Eating at Diners? Wanna be a 'Star?'

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Seems to me that there's a mismatch between "Persons with a passion for motorcycling" and Harley-Davidson. Harley-Davidson owners, however, do seem to have a love of diners, as evidenced by their abundant figures. Should be interesting to see who shows up for the audition, how much gratuitous exhaust noise is generated, and how many calories are consumed.
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Maybe have Huell Howser star as the counter guy.

"Louie, get a shot of this..."

Great another excuse to eat crappy food on the road and get fat-Fat-FAt-FAT-FATTER!

Maybe we can get the Supersize me guy Morgan Spurlock to audition!

Is the fat spicy biker guy gonna be there?
There sure to be an abundance of Fat Boys, and I don't mean bikes show up for this one. CT land of the poser hoser.
Why is this posted as "NEWS"? Looks like some sort of PR ad-copy to me.
Why does this have to be staged? There is a diner here in Richmond that hosts a bike night every week during the summer. Seems it would be a shoe-in.
I got a Ben Franklin that sez nobody will show that knows a Silent Grey Fellow from **** O'Brian.
Somebody just redo Bronson. Stick him on a Buell Ulysses and let him ride around the country just being a decent person. I'd be fine with that. I'd rather watch made up good stuff than pseudoreallifebullshyt.
No kidding. "Gimme a bowl o' chili and a cherry coke. And pretend you don't see the camera crew and makeup guy standing over my left shoulder."
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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