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Ride Cheap At California Speedway

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Effing great. Now if they'd only do the same thing at VIR or Summit, I'd be THERE, too.

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If you dont mind driving you can get day long sessions at MOSPORT the same weekend and hang around for the CDN/USA F-USA the following weekend...
I just wish there was something like that 3,000 freakin' miles to the east.
Crikey, Montreal is almost as far as Cali!
I have a great solution move to Seattle WA. There's a great track 40 miles from here. Pacific raceway. they have good tracks in Vancouver area, Portland and Spokan not to mention all the tracks in CA. Some freinds and I will be taking the bike's down to Laguna Wends. Well have a great time on the East Coast. Oh yeah we have 2 to 3 track days a month at Pacific Raceway. Damn life sure is tough here.
California ain't the only place with a track

Come down to Savnnah, Georgia!

We have Roebling Road just 15 minutes from town. The county fathers also saw fit to put in a 2.0 mile road course right across from downtown too-although inactive at present it is available if you can put together an event. Road Atlanta is only four hours away, Carolina Motor Sports Park is only three hours away, North Florida has a track about three hours away and Taladega GP, a tight and fun course that can be run both clockwise and counter-clockwise is only about five hours away. Not to mention what is going to be happening in Birmingham Alabama-also about five hours away. VIR is about six hours away! You guys in the land of fruit and nuts (aka known as California) are not the only ones that can get a track fix-and you don't have to drive 1,000 miles to get to a selection of good tracks.

There is a motorcycle world outside of CA too!
"Mr. Blutowski----zero point zero."

Hackfu, you won my heart with your Animal House quote. As designated by my name, I am a quotable movie line junkie. I'll be in Cali on a missions trip at the time......Unfortunately, up in Seaside, and sans bike.......darnit......

"...Unfortunately, up in Seaside"

That's 10 miles from Laguna Seca! What's the unfortunate part?
Re: California ain't the only place with a track

Don't forget Daytona - Two hours South of Savannah. (Daytona hosts CCS races a couple times a year)
ARRRRGH!!! [email protected]#&!!!

Sounds to me like MO and a few readers will be there. I am currently sportin fiberglass on two limbs, following a high speed crash at Buttonwillow two weeks ago, see 2wf article:

I can't make any July dates; however, Fasttrack is also holding a track day (on the full AMA course w/ oval section), on August 2nd, 3rd & 4th for $175. I'll be there to sort-out my crash repairs/adjustments. We should all go to the August track day, shoot some photos, tell some lies and generally have an old fashioned Spodefest.
I may be interested in doing this. Forgive my ignorance, but will this be open for those of us who have never done track days before, or just more experienced tracksters? Reading their website, it's clear there are different levels, and I'm sure I'd fit in on the bottom rung. :D


Sounds great, except that last time I did a cheap track day, tons of really bad riders showed up and turned it into a crash fest, including one who target fixated into my stopped (brand spanking new! 2 week old Mille) bike off the track after I pulled off to sort out a crash that happened when the friend of the aforementioned idiot just had to stuff myself and another rider during the first lap of the second session of the day while we were puttering along at about 40% of normal, warming up tires and checking out the track. He ran wide, knocking my friend down by slamming his rear wheel into my friend's front before running off the course himself. Of course, the two squids suffered barely noticeable damage, while my Mille suffered $6K of damage and still doesn't feel quite right, and my friend's bike suffered a dented tank and required the theft of a lever from my unrideable bike just to get it back on the track for the rest of the day. Did the squids offer to pay up? Of course not!

You have been warned. Cheap track days SUCK!!!! Ride them at your own peril.
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As opposed to those "Safe" rides in the canyons, with those same squids + soccer moms? The ONLY thing better about riding your Mille on the street, is that your insurance will cover damage.
Err, and just to clarify (mostly for the guy below :), I'm not a new rider. I have over 20k miles under my belt. I'm also not a squid, a hooligan, or any other type of dangerous rider (other than maybe being a good backmarker). I most definitely respect the power of my bike (ZX-12), and the thing that really attracts me to the idea of a track day is that I can stretch its legs more than I could possibly ever do on the street.

Sorry, just didn't want to be equated to the squids you mentioned. :)

Check with your insurance carrier.

I have checked with mine (USAA), and they do offer coverage if the track session is a class, and not a competitive event.

If it's timed on a watch, and / or points / trophies are awarded, then you're on your own.

If it's for education, then I am covered.
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Re: ARRRRGH!!! [email protected]#&!!!

How did it happen, Sean? Peg too low? High spot on the track? Preload problem? You must have had huge grip!

Get well quick!
Forgot to put the href in quotes!

Try Summit Point Raceway about 60 miles out of DC.
Crash details.

Actually grip was mediocre, my tires were over 10 races old. I had just switched from a hinged (stock style) peg to a CFM Woodcraft solid-mount rearset. I had gotten used to folding-up the pegs through fast sweepers(fully folded peg = 100% of tire used) I failed to compensate for NON-folding pegs, and levered some weight off of the rear contact patch. This resulted in a 120MPH lowside. I sustained several fractures, after I left the track surface still travelling over 75MPH and started tumbling through the gravel trap. I get the casts off next week, and will be back racing first week of August. Needless to say, I will be putting the folding pegs back on.
Re: Crash details.

Yeah. You can't ride around the solid pegs without sacrificing speed. Could you raise them enough to clear without sitting on your boots?
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