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Ride for the Heart

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Hello, all. As you may remember, I have done a charity ride called the Ride for the Heart the last three years. It's going to be held again on May 3 and 4, and I have signed up for the 1500 mile version again. Given the route, I don't think I could do it in 24 hours, but I am shooting for 26.

The charity is the American Heart Association (and I believe some affiliated hospitals.) The organizers are all men who have suffered heart problems, but have regained health through good treatment. Almost all of the money -- perhaps every cent -- goes to the charity, not to administrative costs. It's a cause I am very happy to support, particularly because my own father had heart trouble for many years. I would very much appreciate it if you would support this charity and my ride! You may go to Donate to the Ride for the Heart Foundation and select my name to donate. Heck, select anyone's name and donate! I don't care; just support my ride by supporting the charity! :D

(Longride, you can poke fun at me if you donate at least $50.)
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Kina like the tin-man..."If I only had a heart". I'll give what I can Sachi. Too bad they don't take old DT1 parts or very used 35 year old riding gear...
Thanks, honey. I don't want you to break your bank!
I will only donate if you make it in 24 hrs. Your route planning and time management stink! I can make fun of you now!
Nah, I'm not taking that chance. ;) Part of the route goes from Beatty, Nevada west through Death Valley. I was on that road last year -- there's a half-hour or so of twisties that I'd need to take at 25-35 mph. The route also goes down 101 south of San Francisco almost to LA. I'll be on that part in the middle of the night. Even with HIDs blazing, I'm not going to want to push it through there!

1500 in 24 is quite doable if you stick to freeways and other wide-open, straight roads. This route doesn't lend itself to that sort of effort.
Have them change the route to I-80 Tahoe to Nebraska. 20 hours is no problem. You might die of boredom though.
Oh goddess, I been on that road. Right you are!
Well, you got your $50 from me, so now it's open season on ya!
Thank you! Yes, tease away! :D
Well, you got your $50 from me, so now it's open season on ya!
I just tossed $50 into the pot so now we can both make fun of her.

Those gas stops better not be any longer than 47 seconds!
'Fraid I'm skint at the moment, single parent, bills out the ass I'm still paying from my divorce..wah wah ...

I'll be thinkin' of you though...

(Ya' gonna wear Astronaut panties darlin'?)
Uh, no . . . I can make my stops quick enough even if I go to the rest room!
Use the Sneaky Leaker! There is no substitute!
I would if I could! :D
Just a made a small donation, ride like the wind. Bun burner gold time. Or not, just finish safely.
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