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Riders Are Getting Better and safer!

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Linky no worky

At least for me.
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You mean the media completely ignored the facts and wrote the article anyway? Hmm..go figure.
interesting that the article in an effort to demonise motorcycles actually proves the opposite regarding safety.....seems like the best way to prevent motorcycle accidents is to ...

...educate car drivers...who would have thought it ?

damn i was almost 3 for 3 on the first posts ...why did i bother to read the article ? :)

Absolutely terrible use of statistics Greg

Terrible use of statistics pal..Apples vs oranges big time.. A better statistic would be accident/number of riders. Or compare the increas in the number of accidents with the increase in the number of riders or the number of motorcycles registered. The number of motorcycles sold isn't broken down by replacement bikes vs first bikes... Let see if can break down your argument with an example. In a town called Gray Pony Tail there are were 5 motorcycles sold this year vs 1 sold last year. The accidents were 4 this year vs 3 last year. Using your logic. There was a 33% in accidents vs a 500% increase in motorcycles sold.. Seems like that number of accidents per motorcycles sold says things are better. But actually there are only 7 motorcycles in the town of Gray Pony tail this year. The 5 sold this year were replacement bikes and the 1 sold last year was a new bike. Given the rest of the story GPT had an accident rate of 4/7 = 57% this year vs 3/6 or 50% last year. Do you see how your use of bikes sold is totally bogus i.e wrong i.e really poor
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No they just didn't sleep through math and statistics class.
So not crashing is the key to not dying? I would have never figured that out. I figured running my Busa headlong into a building at 165 mph and having my helmet save my life would be the answer. No wonder I never passed the 6th grade. And the reason that a 'world class athlete' like Ben R. can't ride? It's because the THINKS he can ride just because he's an athlete. Buz thinks he can play golf just because he can swing a club too.
You slept in statistics class too...Go figure.
You mean accurate statistics like getting numbers from a Clinton website saying how great Clinton is and then calling it "facts."

You think I could get some stats from a Bush website claiming how great the war in Iraq is going?
Yeah, but they would be fake stats. The left fudges but the right fabricates outright.
go for it ...The Clinton stuff is backed up by independent sources...unlike FoxNews
Lets see deficists up, interest rates up, mortgage rates up, housing sales down, layoffs increasing, billions wasted in Iraq, yep a lot fudge there ...LOL.
If Mizlo had been wearing a fool face helmet he would not have lost his leg ... we all know how safe a fool face makes us.
Make sure you wear jeans, cause that protects you better than shorts in a tumble.

There's a lot more riders in the area I live in. How do I know this, because of the type of rider I come across. Women, who would never have been riding before, re-entry riders and lots of kids.

The kids, mostly under 30 and some older Harley riders are figuring disproportionately high in the accident and death reports in our local paper.

I'd guess that bikes sold is not a bad denominater in your calculation.
You slept too..
And it prevents your sack and frank from hanging out when you sit with them forward pegs.
I have also noticed that a lot more ladies are riding lately than I have ever seen before. Roads I ride on that was virtually deserted only a few years back now seem to have a lot of two-wheeled traffic.

There is definitely a strong correlation between motorcycle sales number and number of motorcyclists.

That has got to be the most naive statement I've ever heard in my life.
Wake up and smell the coffee

"The "Fatality Rate per 100 Million" (miles traveled), which has nearly doubled from 22.73 to 39.89 fatalities per 100 million miles traveled during the period of 1997 to 2004 (See Note 1 below). This is the chart that should be the focus of concern, because the numbers are sobering." from see more Facts and data

You guys crack me up.. Burns is right "bikers are such mental giants" :)
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