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Riding Around Milwaukee?

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Can't comment specifically about Milwaukee but I am heading up to the LaCrosse area to ride some of the county roads up there.

I've heard great things about some of the roads and its just a few hours for me from Chicago, less for you from Milwaukee.

You can check it out at:

Hope this is useful...
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Take a road trip to ride the Ozark mountains of Arkansas or make the trip to the Tail of the Dragon
The first snowfall should be next week, so you better find em fast.
i'm surprised everyone's telling you to go so far away . . .

I'm from milwaukee originally, though i've moved to cali. . . .

Anyway, there's not much around milwaukee itself. Might be some roads paralleling lake michigan, but i never really found any. My favorite places to ride were always in the un-glaciated (i.e. never covered by glaciers during the ice ages) area in central and western WI. around Madison there's a ton of great roads winding through all the little valleys and moraines.

The suggestion to head for La Crosse is good- the whole length of the mississippi is great in wisconsin. . . . .
There are lots of great roads around Milwaukie Oregon, and it doesn't snow nearly as much as up there in cheese and brat land. I hope you moved for a great job because your Gixxer is gonna get real cold sitting in the garage before it gets warm again. Sorry to hear about your plight.

Good luck
I just moved here from Eugene, OR, actually. Lots of terrific riding there. I'm missing it already.
Thank you - that helps. I see there's some distance to good riding - about what I figured from getting here.
You don't have to go far from Milwaukee, go southwest towards Mukwanago and East Troy.

Than you have the Northern and Southern Kettle Moraine forests.

Head out towards the Lake Geneva area and stay on the back roads all the way.

You also have the a lot of good riding around Holy Hill, about 25 mi. north west of Milwaukee.

The state also has a webpage of Rustic roads

Many miles of nice riding in this area
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