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I'm pretty new to riding on the street, but I did recently buy heavy duty black leather chaps and a leather jacket.

They are not padded or reinforced with any metal, ceramic, or plastic rigid pieces. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using this gear?

I have intentionally chosen not to use it on some summer days because it was just too hot here in the Atlanta Georgia area.

I don't have any special boots for riding.
I have two pairs of work boots and I've also ridden in hiking shoes (sturdy but no ankle support. I'm not really sure how much having ankle support helps me either. Perhaps protecting the ankle area from stone chips and road debris kicked up by the front tire?)

What are your opinions / suggestions on protective gear for riding a cruiser bike on the roads, rarely on interstates, usually only slightly over the posted speed limit?
Riding with steel toe boots , NOT reccomended . I have seen many bikers without toes because of them . I had my first , and only experiance and only suffered a boken foot . Luckily I learned while I was young ......
1 - 2 of 6 Posts