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Riding out winter: Motorcycle storage seeing a boom.

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Solution: Ride year round and don't worry about winterizing it... then again... I'm in Alabama, so I don't know what yankee cold is :p
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Sounds like someone has finally figured out what to do with HDs that break down often... just store them :)
Hard to relate to someone who doesn't want to get their hands dirty changing the oil......

I suppose to be helpfull I'd say the shop storage for her would be good, $300 and they do a service and charge the battery is probably a fair deal all things considered.

The few people I know that don't have a garage or ride year round rent storage sheds with a power outlet and leave the bike there, which is cheaper but you have to deal with maintienance yourself.

I'd suggest removing a seat or two from the Wrangler and strap in the H-D. The added weight might yield a little better traction in snowy conditions with a minimal impact on the already lousey mpg and performance rating of the Jeep. I suppose a trickle charge hook-up could be arranged, but I would not care to overburden that M-C battery.

And somewhere on the internet there will be a bumper sticker available to wit:

My Other Ride Is A Harley
Before we bought a house, a couple riding buddies and myself rented a storage unit for the winter. It was locked, somewhat guarded, and we all had a key to go check it periodically. We watched out for each other and on the better winter days we'd take a heater to the shed and work on the bikes together (get out'a the house).
When I moved out and got my own apartment I limited my search to places with garages. I know my garage neighbors better than the ones I live near. The one problem is no electric in garage and laying a 400 ft extension cord is not an option. so when I bike shop battery access for removal to bring inside to charge is high on my list.
My solution is to leave the cars outside and keep the motorcycles in the garage. My wife complains but the garage is MY domain godammit! Actually there's room for the Subaru if she parks it at the right angle and doesn't open the driver door very far. One more bike and she'll have to climb in and out of the drivers window.

A good solution for condo/apartment dwellers is to have a ground floor unit and keep the bike in the living room. It makes a nice Xmas tree too!
"My wife complains but the garage is MY domain godammit!"

That must be one of the differences between Utah and Seattle.
Back when I was living in my condo I had my car and three motorcycles all crammed in a one car garage.

People couldn't believe it until they saw it.
I have 3 car garage no problem for me
If you have ever been to Utah you would know that it is much different than any other state with the exception of southern Idaho which is really North Utah. The LDS church dominates everything in Utah and Southern Idaho (to a lesser extent). Not necessarily a bad thing. The schools are good, crime is low (except polygamy :) ), people are polite, streets are clean, etc. The ski industry did help liberalize the drinking laws and helped diversity somewhat.

But you don't have a motorcycle, so it evens out.

Until you have to turn half of it into a sewing room...
"The ski industry did help liberalize the drinking laws and helped diversity somewhat."

You say that like those are good things rather than neither-good-nor-bad. Liberalized drinking laws can mean more fun (good) and more crime and traffic deaths (bad). "Diversity" can mean more exposure to different types of people (good) or tension between differing cultural values (bad).

I think the Mormons are a little nutty, but then again, I think all religions are. The Mormons just seem to have their sh*t together more than any other ethnic/religious group. I'd vote for Mitt in a heartbeat. And Utah sounds like one of the best places on Earth to live.
Well now you should know the lib definition of diversity is a whole bunch of people who look different, but think exactly the same.

You never hear the pinkos clamoring to include any Christian conservatives amongst their crowd to promote "diversity."
You're right, they don't know anything about diversity. It's just a mantra.

You'll find more diversity at a Baptist church picnic than at a Berkeley faculty meeting.
Even we have our limits.....
The question was what to do if you don't have a garage....

I have a garage, I wouldn't live in a place that didn't. I ride all year except the week or two of snow we get and if your too lame to do the most basic work on your on bike then we nothing in common

Don't generalize i.e. Right wing doesn't have a monopoly on great places to live

Actually liberal Vancouver B.C. is ethnically diverse and has a very low crime rate. Seattle has a very low crime rate as well. Not as low as Vancouver. Vancouver has nice clean streets, liberal drinking laws, etc. Between the two Vancouver or Salt Lake I would choose Vancouver and Seattle over Salt Lake..
Re: However...

Check out my blog to see my bike..
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