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Riding the Texas Backroads with Lyle Lovett

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What a cheesey piece of writing...........from the NY Times. I guess motorcycle stories aren't their forte.

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Good press is good. No matter where you find it. Unaccountably a heck of a lot of people take the NYT seriously, if you can believe it.
Yeah, if only this was posted on, then I could have really enjoyed it. Did you catch all the liberal bias in the piece? It was just disgusting to read.
Riding year round in the Texas Hill country in something I truly miss. I guess I'll have to make do with several jaunts to the Swiss alps this summer.
A nice little slice of travelogue. The destinations, both around South Austin (Guero's, Broken Spoke, Polvo's) and out in the Hill Country (not "the foothills") have a legitimacy you don't always find when people write about this area.

Whether you think the writing is cheesy or not, anybody who's ridden the Texas Hill Country knows the truth in the author's wonder. Of course, if they'd hit Creek Rd or Fitzhugh Rd out of Dripping, the Willow City Loop, or especially 337, he probably woulda dropped a load in his pants and been too embarrassed to write anything after soiling Lyle's custom Vanson's.
Yes, I road the hill country a couple of years ago. Rode from AZ down to Padre Island and back. Wonderful trip, great memories, loved the courteous way folks drive down there and saw few cops.

Must be honest though and say after returning from the touted hill country roads there, I had more appreciation for the riding and road here in AZ. Way too many cops though.

Definition of "Cheesey"

Somebody who criticizes with a few words so he can be "first post". I htought it was pretty brilliant, one of the few pieces about motorcycling in the main-stream media EVER that wasn't negative or about harleys.
Liberal, conservative... who gives a rat's patoot? Newspapers are the worst sorts of info sources around. Good for entertainment, though.
I didn't think the writing was any cheesier than any other travel writing

I like Lyle Lovett, I like Ducati's and I'd like to ride around Texas, so I thought it was pretty cool.

Sounds like he's done a great job with the ranch and all, I wonder if Julia misses him? he seems like a pretty decent guy who just happens to have a Large Band, a big Texas ranch and a bunch of Ducati's.

What a deal
Dripping with bias.

It's an elite liberal media conspiracy to make me want to go for a ride.
I was previously reading Robert Higdon's report on the last Iron Butt. You can find it on the web. Great stuff. Or try Ted Simon's "Jupiter's Travels."

Loved the story

Not one mention of Julia Roberts. Lovett must be the type of guy that wants little to do with the "Famous" label. Next time he comes through Omaha for a concert the wife and I will have to attend. Was just here but then I didn't know it until after he left. Critic loved his concert. Most famous people love to see their names in the tabloids and surely must court the papparazi. Just look at Ashton Kusher, Bennifer, Pitt and his wife, and all the rest of the famous for being famous bunch. They complain incessantly about what allows them to live it large. Most of them have had their face skin tightened until a drill instructor can bounce a quarter off their eye lids.
Also worth noting; this piece was written by Ultan Guilfoyle, who was a curatorial advisor to the successful "Art Of The Motorcycle" show in the Guggenheim Museum (see

A motorcycle is a passion that transcends what's normally defined as high brow and low brow culture.
Ultan was probably so excited to be riding the Hill Country on a Ducati with LL that he reverted to the writing style of his grade school days.

Jlabate, for someone who gets to ride the beautiful Arizona roads year round, you've got an awful lot of negativity today! :) Get out & ride, man! Tortilla Flat, Oak Creek Canyon, even Rt.60 between Superior & Globe, to name a few - pick any one & charge up on some bliss...

I agree with the guy who said it's all part of some pinko conspiracy to make me want to ride. It's working!
Sorry , don't mean to be spreading negativity. I'm saying these things with a grin on my face. Of course, that's lost in cyberspace. I've been riding quite a bit lately. The summer is long and hot here in southern AZ and now we're reaping the benefits of having made in through it. One of my favorite local rides is that section of rt 60 you mention. I'll take your advice and try to charge up on the bliss when I can.

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