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Riding without licence plates? That'll be $15 sir.

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Well, I've never been to South Africa...

But given what I've heard about crime there, I'm sure that bikes lacking license plates is one of their lesser concerns. Crime rates in the areas in which riders like to ride, in the U.S. anyway, seem to be low enough that police feel that one of their primary jobs is to catch motorists breaking traffic laws. If only S.A. would allow their law-abiding citizens access to weapons (all the bad guys there already have them), crime might drop to the point that riding without your Orwellian vehicle I.D. tag might again become a serious crime. What have they got to lose? It's only worked in every place it's been tried in the U.S.

Disclaimer: I think most would agree that England has probably has more Gestapo-like traffic enforcement than America. Their riders do run a higher risk in my opinion.
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Re: Riding without licence plates? That

God Bless America. Land of the free and home of the heavily armed.
Re: Riding without licence plates? That

My arms are indeed heavy, at least when I'm wearing the 'stich.

Re: Riding without licence plates? That

Think about how restrictive and oppressive the U.S. is in regards to traffic laws. Not really "the land o' the free", eh? ameriKa and Harley Davidson sucks!
Re: Riding without licence plates? That

Oh yeah...the reason for the increasing crime rate is the massive inequality between the rich ruling class versus the poor masses. You'll see more of that in ameriKa now that the Bush regime has seized power. the United States...whadda democracy!
Re: Riding without licence plates? That

Well who really gives a rats @ss if they have plates in south africa or not ?
Re: Riding without licence plates? That

I am a really stupid moron, I apologize for posting here
Re: Riding without licence plates? That

ameriKa? America.
Re: Riding without licence plates? That

I tend to agree, but explaining the effects of sharp economic stratification as relates to the realities of the U.S. is a little much to expect from some of the lobotomites that post comments here. Let alone the difficulties faced by a nation transitioning from a race based dictatorship to democracy....forget it. Not to mention grasping such subtleties as the supreme court ignoring the popular vote and manifest evidence of a corrupt election process in the state of Florida to install Pres.Bush (or is that King George the second?). . . well, you're pissing in the wind! Shalom.
Maybe by ignoring simple economics,

you can come to the tried-and-failed, idiot Marxist conclusions that you have.

If you are at all familiar with the rules governing the presedential elections, you would realize that the popular vote is not the method by which the presidency is decided. Unfortunately for AlGore, the electoral college gives the decision to each state independently. By the way, the so-called "corrupt" election process in Florida was put in place by Democrats. The Supreme court properly ignored the popular vote.

Funny how you compare George Bush with King George the second, when it is Gore that promotes the same kind of high-tax, gun-confiscating polices that that caused the colonists to revolt against the king.
Why do I even bother?

How can we argue with such a social and economic whiz as yourself? Peek your head out from Marx's manifesto for a second and take a look at the real world, . South Dakota is has one of (if not the) lowest median income in the United States, and one of the lowest crime rates as well. The observable evidence completely debunks your theory. South Africa has steadily placed higher and higher restrictions on weapons ownership and use, and has seen a coorespondingly higher crime rate.

P.S. We do not live in a democracy. We live in a representative republic.
allright jerkoff I'll play

If you are in the U.S leave.

If you are not in the U.S stay out.

Zionist. Isreal right?

How many dead baby headlines can we expect

this week?

If your going to take this attitude with the U.S

I want my F-15's back.
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Re: Riding without licence plates? That

The Brits get one superbike champion now they all are fast riders. I'd be happy if you guys discovered fast food.
Re: Riding without licence plates? That


Well I don't know if this trick crossed the border yet from Canada, I'm sure it has but in case it hasn't. Up here from time to time we have a problem with cops harassing us or just following us home if your on a sportbike of any sort. (you can probably tell where this is leading already...) Anyways, If you know you can get away cleanly before he flips his cherries on and gets a clean look at your plate, alot of us have jerry-rigged an automatic car-door lock to our plates wired up to an electric switch bolted onto one of your handlebars (all this stuff you can pick up cheap from any autoparts shop). Anyways. flip the switch and the face of your plate pops up towards the sky so it can't be seen. You have to snap it back into place manually but that's no big deal.

Before you assume I'm some 16yr-old menace to society or something, it ain't like that. Most of the time it never gets used but every once and a while the fuzz has some massive 2-week crack down campaign where simply owning a bike becomes a crime (If you ride your sportbike alot, I'm sure you know what I mean by this) anyways alot of us can't be bothered with that kind of stupidity so the little plate switch helps out here and there...

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Re: Riding without licence plates? That

Odd that I have seen no combination Bike and Gun dealers. Every biker an armed biker makes sense to me- and when they put the radar camera things up to catch us speeding we shoot'em out from behind...

Abe- put some sausage in the pan for me eh?

Thank God for George Bush.

Screw the UN

gotta stop now before I start shooting...
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Re: Why do I even bother?

Also the lowest mean population density in the contiguous U.S...Nice try
Re: Why do I even bother?

Plus, pal, ya got me wrong on alot of stuff. I'm a firearms owner and strong second amendment advcate. I'm lisenced to carry a concealed weapon in my state and I regularly do. But you can't ignore economic reality, although I must admit you seem to be doing a pretty good job. And I think that Groucho gets a bad rap from most of you arch conservative types.
So... Now it's population density?

Just a minute ago it was jealousy that caused crime. "Proletariat vs. Burgeoisie" or something like that? Never mind that the "underclass" in the U.S. is richer than they have ever been. Something like 95% of people on welfare own a TV. 40% own two cars. And they're complaining? If they are, then they're the problem. What difference does it make how much somebody else has? Are you helping to foster simple jealousy and greed? Is it now OK to want something that somebody else has, and ask the government to take it away from them and give it to you?

Oh, I forgot. It's population density that causes crime now. Of course, Japan would pretty much debunk that theory as well, though the police may search your house and arrest you at any time for any reason.
Re: Riding without licence plates? That

Oh, they've got fast food. It's called the Whimpy Burger, and eating one is as bad as catching hoof and mouth. You're lucky if you don't break a tooth cuz their idea of filler is grinding up bone with the burger.
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