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Well I don't know if this trick crossed the border yet from Canada, I'm sure it has but in case it hasn't. Up here from time to time we have a problem with cops harassing us or just following us home if your on a sportbike of any sort. (you can probably tell where this is leading already...) Anyways, If you know you can get away cleanly before he flips his cherries on and gets a clean look at your plate, alot of us have jerry-rigged an automatic car-door lock to our plates wired up to an electric switch bolted onto one of your handlebars (all this stuff you can pick up cheap from any autoparts shop). Anyways. flip the switch and the face of your plate pops up towards the sky so it can't be seen. You have to snap it back into place manually but that's no big deal.

Before you assume I'm some 16yr-old menace to society or something, it ain't like that. Most of the time it never gets used but every once and a while the fuzz has some massive 2-week crack down campaign where simply owning a bike becomes a crime (If you ride your sportbike alot, I'm sure you know what I mean by this) anyways alot of us can't be bothered with that kind of stupidity so the little plate switch helps out here and there...

1 - 1 of 53 Posts
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