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Road America Saturday results

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Hell of a race. Hopefully Bostrom can put it together to win tomorrow. And BBos can do the same in WSB.
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It's a horse race now; NH can't coast. Aaron Yates got by him too! He can fly!

Why wasn't Mladin in the running?
That was a great race...and classic Duhamel. I hope that Nicky and Eric are taking notes, because the lessons they learn from the wily veteran will serve them well when they move on. Miguels "bag of tricks" added to Nicky's raw talent and Eric's determination would be a force to reckon with.

I love it when the mature--"old" is just not right to describe these guys--win races. I wonder how Hislop can do so well on the Duc at 40 yrs of age in BSB and the Ducati effort in North America can't crack the top 5. Does his team receive better support?

I see that Nick Ienatch(sp?) is riding Steve Crevier's superbike in the Canadian series this weekend (Crevier is injured); maybe Burns should have a go on Gobert's R7? :):)
I saw Nicky talking to his crew after the race, he was visibly upset, almost looked like he was going to cry.

I think he really thought he could get Miguel in the final turn but then blew it and ended up falling off the podium. I bet he wishes he'd just hung on for second and gotten the points.
Excessive Lapping?

is it just me or have recent nationals (and formula extreme races) been plagued by an excessive amount of lapping of slower riders?

it seems like every race is determined not by who is fastest, but who is bravest navigating the squid slalom. it must be ultra hairy knifing through a gaggle of slower riders with some 20 in hand, all while dicing for the lead.

was it always this way? if not, what is the reason for the excessive number of slow riders being lapped many times? shouldn't the organizers do more to weed out the slow guys so that the fastest riders win?

And where are Sundays resuts?

The AMA says if the squids pay the fee and are within 112% of qualify time, they race...

I assume you are typing with Tongue in Cheek, when you call the lappers in an AMA Superbike race "Squids".
Re: Squids....?

anybody that gets lapped three or more times is pretty "squidly" in my book. and, yeah, that would be squid in relation to duhamel, hayden, gobert, etc. compared to a low-life cephalopod like me they are rocketships, i'm sure.

of course, i don't ever recall being lapped when i raced dirt track and motocross back in "the day." heh.
Re: Squids....?

I assume that you were not racing against factory riders. Even if you were, a 20% horsepower advantage in dirt track or motocross helps, but is nothing like the advantage that extra 20% gives to a factory rider on a professionally set-up superbike connected to a sticky slick, on asphalt. You don't have to believe me, but I'm sure none of those guys are squids. They may not be Nicky, Anthone, Eric, Aaron, Miguel, Matt, Doug or Jamie, but they sure as hell would be going a LOT faster in relation, if they were on equal equipment.
It is Monday 6/10/02, 1 PM PDT and you guys have not updated this blasted website, I've said it before and I'll say it again, you were 100% better when you were free, I guess the people who paid got ripped off, don't even bother now, all of the faithful already got the scoop from any of the other excellent and free motorcycle websites, take the money and shove it up your *#?**
actually ....

ummm .... actually, yeah, i raced against some factory riders, but back then "factory rider" meant something different. guys like gary bailey and make hartwig were factory guys, but they weren't big time like they are today. bailey actually DID lap me, but only once ;-)

i might have to respectfully disagree with you regarding the equal equipment part. stock parts are pretty darned good these days.

i still think if you're being lapped more than three times, you prolly shouldn't be on the track. just my opinion.
Re: actually ....

Thanks for the respect Valk, but I guarantee you that no matter how good stock parts are, they do not make up the difference between a 180 H.P. Works Ohlins Suspended, Minimum Weight, Professionally Tuned, Factory Superbike and a Ride your stinkin butt off, 140 H.P. Privateer GSX-R 750 (superstock legal, except for the slicks) "superbike". Those guys are not squids, by any stretch of the imagination (Unless you catch them on Main St. in flip flops, shorts, tank top, etc.)
Agreed. I used to have MO set as my homepage so I would go straight there and read the latest news. Now I use Cycle News for all the up-to-date reports. Here in New Zealand its 12.15pm Tuesday already and if I'd only read MO I wouldn't know anything about WSB results, world MX or anything since posting of the practice times for WSB. Is that what I get for paying in NZ$?


Agree this is getting old. A free site like gets updates faster and has more bike articles and more indepth bike reviews.

I agree. Update the *&%$# site so I can find out who won the second AMA superbike race!
Damn this!

F U C K Yeah! Damn, and to believe the one real reason I paid up was to read the R1 review and thinking all content after that would be as good and up to date. These guys are out using our cash for crash replacement parts, gas money, and trips to thailand to buy pirated software. I have done and all weekend and that's where I seem to get my info.
This is getting sad. It's Tuesday morning about 10:00a EDT and MO still hasn't posted the results of Sundays race. If this was the only thing that MO has been slow about I wouldn't waste my time writing this letter, but it's not. What ever happened to the apology that JB assured us was coming for accusing the wrong person in his rant about advertising and politics. What happened to the shot out between the top 2 inline 4's and the top 2 twins. It was implied that we would be seeing that article at the end of last week. If any one on the staff at MO would care to comment I will listen with an open mind, but I don't expect to get a responce. It appears that some of the staff think that we reads are unimportant. If I am wrong about this then I will aplogize. I hope that I'm wrong, but I don't think that I am.

We will have to wait a few days for an updated to get an excuse
MO getting sloppy

Yes this is getting quite ridiculous. The news is now over 2 days old with no updates to race results that other sites have had for a while now. "promised" tests as you mentioned not appearing (heck, I'm still waiting on their hotted-up Kymco scooter test that they promised, what 7 months ago?). I'm not going to complain about paying for the site because seriously, $11 is not gonna change your life, but it is getting rather lame when free sites are more current.
Hey now watch what you say in here, you might get your subscription cancled.......The freedom of speach even in a flame forum like this obviously has no meaning to a jurnalist...
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