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This is getting sad. It's Tuesday morning about 10:00a EDT and MO still hasn't posted the results of Sundays race. If this was the only thing that MO has been slow about I wouldn't waste my time writing this letter, but it's not. What ever happened to the apology that JB assured us was coming for accusing the wrong person in his rant about advertising and politics. What happened to the shot out between the top 2 inline 4's and the top 2 twins. It was implied that we would be seeing that article at the end of last week. If any one on the staff at MO would care to comment I will listen with an open mind, but I don't expect to get a responce. It appears that some of the staff think that we reads are unimportant. If I am wrong about this then I will aplogize. I hope that I'm wrong, but I don't think that I am.

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