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Road America Saturday results

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Hell of a race. Hopefully Bostrom can put it together to win tomorrow. And BBos can do the same in WSB.
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Everybody must be out doing the next big time test. Or they are out joyriding, however you'd like to look at it. Is there anybody at home here? Hello? Hello?

Good Googly Moogly, ya'all are in quite the uproar over site updates. Several of you have mentioned, how you get much quicker news reporting from several other "News" sites. That is exactly what I do too. is not a "News" site, it is a motorcycle online comunity, that happens to also offer news. The sites that I frequently visit for news (Roadracing World, AMA Superbike, Cycle News) do not offer the sort of interactive feedback that Motorcycle Online does. MO has (as far as I can tell) a staff of three. What if one of those three crashed Sunday morning on a shoutout test ride? Would you expect the other two to immediately rush back to MO so that they could get Sunday's results posted? I sincerely hope that they are fine and that nobody actually crashed. I am sure that there is a good reason for them not posting anything since Saturday. Why don't we give them a chance to explain, before we start a vicious bltch session about them?
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but *****ing is so much more fun. :) Just kidding. Your are right I'll chill for now.
Ya watch what you say boy or else

Don't criticize BLM or else.
Re: Motorcycle News sites (let's all stop whinning now)

Don't forget They did the most entertaining car versus bike comparo I've ever seen. Check the picture at the end of the story. They removed the car door so they could hang out and try to get a knee down :)
Re: Damn this!

They are not even reading the ***** website, otherwise they would delete all the ***** cussing, they took the money and ran, cheers.

Your poor little bleeding heart, maybe you should go give them a hand (job, that is) We all got ripped off.

Let me get my laytex gloves, I'll be right over.

We got ripped off? Umm... we're still sitting here having a discussion on this site, right? How much NEW content have you seen from your magazine subscriptions in the past THREE DAYS?!?!?! Give me a break, get a life, ride a motorcycle, blow a goat, or do whatever else it is that you do for fun. If 72 Hours without a new test or news posting is causing you to feel "Ripped Off" perhaps you might want to try a perscription for Paxil, instead of a subscription for
Re: Motorcycle News sites (let's all stop whinning now)

Jeez, I wonder how many people will be capable of using this information to find the race results from Sunday. :^0
Re: Motorcycle News sites (let's all stop whinning now)

yeah, I loved that pic!
Absolutely is fantastic, I forgot that one

Their bike pictures are great. Using and makes a mean screensaver.
Hey it ain't easy spending all that Buell advertising money on hookers and cocaine in Vegas. You ever try to go back to work after a weekend binge of the seven deadly sins.
Hey! Are you guys on vacation or something? How about breaking off something new!


Your pal in Georgia,


Re: actually ....

Roadracing is not motorcross, what's the point in explaining, If you had ever roadraced you woundn't have made such an assanine comment
OK now I going to complain

Since May 29 MO has posted only one bike review. During the same period the free site has posted:

4 bike reviews





6 Racing updates/articles

4 News updates

All this including a death in the family.
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i am officially worried ....

i don't know about the rest of you, but i'm feeling a little scared that i have given my credit card number to these bozos. something is very fishy. i'm thinking of cancelling my visa out of self protection. anyone else feel the same way?
Re: actually ....

thanks for the insite, painter. i'm so grateful for your thoughtful post.

and by the way ... it's spelled "asinine."
Re: i am officially worried ....

Re: i am officially worried ....

Me either...
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