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Road America Supersport Results

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OK, that's all for you, buster!

How will we ever be able to believe in anything after this! Next thing you know we won't even be able to trust the President.
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oh, man ...

that's kind of extreme, ain't it? how could we NOT trust the little fella. he seems so ... so ... so MORAL.
Jesus. 600 Supersport has been a hotbed of cheaters this year... Kawasaki's been busted twice now, along with one time each for Honda and Suzuki. I feel sorry for the riders- that's got to be frustrating to ride your ass off and then have your points taken away because your mechanic illegally modified your bike.
Tommy claims it was his warmup bike that had the illegal pump. He likes to show off for the crowd during practice, and forgot to swith bikes for the race. Or was that Sammy? Anyway, his story, and he's sticking to it. Honest!
This is twice Hayden has been penalized, the other in superstock. I wonder how much he knows about what the mechanics are doing to his bike. As much as these guys are getting caught lately, they'd be a fool to keep cheating.
In my country, that racing is way less international and important so its a lot less money the penalty is 500 USD.

Should be for kawasaki at least 20,000 USD.

and the mecanic should be penalized.

Re: OK, that's all for you, buster!

LMAO! What one person calls cheating another would call maximizing a "gray area". Far as I can tell it's been going on for as long as there have been rules in Motorsports. It would be easier to seal an "out of the box engine" than to enforce rules. Smart people are creative and the stakes are high. I think there would be other benefits for consumers with this approach. Ever notice how fast a "stock" factory bike is compared to a stock bike? How about running the whole season on a "sealed" engine. A bike winning that series would have proved what the factories are trying to allude to in this class, that their bikes, stock, are faster and more reliable than their competitors. I doubt that the riders are aware in most instances of "rule bending". They just expect their teams to provide them with machinery hopefully superior to their competitors. Speaking Presidentually I'm sure that the riders have "plausible deniability". As far as the teams go it would seem strange to hold them to a higher standard than "The leader of the Free World", they just got caught.(tricky ****/Mr Bill).
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