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This could be a plug for the AMA and the great racing we should expect from Road Atlanta (in Brazelton, GA) this weekend. I could go on and on about how Mladin will pull the "double" this weekend (yes- I predicted the double at VIR), but I won't. I'm writing about the "support" classes. Josh Herrin in Supersport should have the Yamaha at the top of the time sheets. Hayden and Hayes look to the weekend for deciding Championships. But in FX Hayes should walk away with the #1 plate and hopefully Larry Pegram will be on podium for the second to last race of the year. Why do I bring up a guy that has been swimming in the privateer ranks for years? Two reasons: 1- He has demonstrated that the FX Ducati is a contender and Ducati should reward him for having such a strong season on an outdated machine. And 2- I am an "Event Sponsor" for the team this weekend and I really could use the publicity for ACE. I run a small, family operated insurance agency and having Larry on the box is just the thing I need to get me through the winter. It's tough selling motorcycle insurance for a living and chances to get your name out don't come along every day. My customers (2500 or so) are the greatest and the local bike shops try to do their part, but being an event sponsor is a big thing for my little company. SO- get on your bikes and come to Road Atlanta this weekend and hang out with me, my two sister, Larry (autographs Sunday) and 45,000+ of my closest friends. See y'all in a couple days!
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