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Road Rage and You

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First post! And now what?
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If all you did was post to be first without reading the article I'm going to get off my bike and kick your ass!
Well of course the guy is guilty as hell but locking him up for, say, 10 years more won´t bring Rick Stern back. The moral of the story here is that on two wheels you don´t get involved with road rage. If you do and then some loser in a two ton monster nails your sorry a$$, there you go. Literally.

- cruiz-euro

I teach a high school driver's education class. As a long term rider, I always make students aware that motorcycle riders are other drivers on the roadways too, not just the drivers in 4-wheels. These riders are authorized to be on the roadways with cars, trucks and SUV's, so another skill needed by drivers is to be aware of riders. When an altercation occurs between a driver and a rider, it will most likely be the rider who is injured or killed as a result of the driver's action.

As riders, we need to always maneuver to that safe zone, and totally disregard the actions of drivers so that we, the rider, do not act on an emotional impulse to create a situation that would justify the driver's retaliation against the rider. I am not supporting any action by any driver or rider that would intimidate or create an event that would cause bodily injury to either the driver or the rider.

As riders, we need to take responsibility for how we react to the disregard of drivers, especially if the rider is not riding in a courteous and safe manner. I hate it when those wannabe racers leave a traffic intersection doing a wheelie down to the next intersection. It gives ammunition (pardon the pun!) to drivers validating the impression that motorcycle riders are all maniacs.

I have replaced my itsy-bitsy of a horn with a 130db blaster! The only real sane and acceptable method to get back at a driver who didn't see you in his/her (politically correct) mirror!! Most drivers will accept a blast because now you have warned them that you were in that spot to begin with. Most drivers will accept that, on that occasion, they made a mistake. But when the rider feels that they need to escalate this issue by kicking in a door or breaking off a mirror, now, the rider has created the problem. And, unfortunately, it will be the rider who suffers the most in the end.

Be responsible. Ride smart. Ride safe. Ride long.
See less See more I meant to refer more to the case of Julius than Rick.

- cruiz-euro
Here in ATL's crazy traffic, I make a real effort to chill, let people in, let weirdo's slide, etc.

Years and years ago in Rider, a female columnist (pretty sure not Donna C) wrote a horrifying tale of being road-raged by some nutcase.

Of course all this is not new. Remember 10 yr ago or so, "Woad Wage" (Baba WaWa's pronounciation) was all the rage. Brock Yates wrote several great columns on that issue.

I've posted this experience here before but here goes again: a couple of years ago, I was ambling along pretty gently on Wolf Pen Gap Rd. (GA 180) at the narrow part leading up from Vogel State Park. On my almost unhearable ST11...I quietly - and pretty slowly - passed a bearded 60'ish guy on a bicycle...a very fancy bicycle. He stopped and started screaming at me. I stopped, heard a bit of furious gibberish and decided to ride on and just let it go. My only comment to him was "Gore Voter!". No, it did nothing to defuse the situation and was pretty dumb & juvenile on my part. A quick exit on my part did defuse - at least for me.

I suppose I could bloviate on the "Birch" comment. Gabe, lets just say it didn't have the intended effect for me. I knew (slightly) the Flight 007 Congressman and Birch member and his father...and I'm NOT a Birch admirer.
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Thanks for making me look up that word. Funny that I didn't know what it meant even though I do it a lot.

Rest assured that "Birch-worshipping" was meant to tease those with a conservative bent and not to make light of the death of anybody, Birch member or not. I didn't even know about that.

I do know that Birchers are viewed by most as political extremeists with bizzare and unfounded views and so deserve to be made fun of, no matter how untimely or tragic their deaths. I certainly meant no actual disrespect or insult to anybody who reads MO...well, almost nobody.

Thanks for reading and posting and ride safely,

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Re: Bloviating...

Forget Birch; I'm going to kick your ass for the "no one to bomb and make us feel better" comment.
I don't think it makes any sense to say that 'rage' is like being drunk or intoxicated and that you can't concentrate or make rational decisions. I've been upset before, to the point of wanting to hurt someone (not a road rage incident, but rage is rage) but I didn't (maybe when I was 12 I did). If you give in to that it's usually a sign of being extremely self-centered and it's not a typical person's response to a situation.

Maybe I should eat a bunch of beans and then run someone over and say I wasn't thinking straight because I had gas.
The easeist thing to do is carry a .45 and cap the motherf*ckers if they get too close. That's why they have fingerless gloves.

" sorry officer I was ensuring my pistola which I have a permit to legally carry was unloaded and in a safe condition when it discharged into the motorists groin 5 times after he got out of his car to teach me a lesson"

Alternativly you can bear in mind that you will lose any confrontation with a cage and get out of their way and don't respond to their insults. It's hard to do sometimes, but try'll probably live longer..
Ya gotta be so careful out there. Anything and everything can do you in. I nearly lost control of my bike on a corner years ago when I hit a squirrel trying to cross the road...

...poor liddle squirrel...sniff, sniff.
Re: Bloviating...

Alas, what our liberal friend fails to grasp is that the greatest killers in modern times were all leftists. Stalin, Mao, Hitler, Pol Pot, and yes Gabe even George Bush were or are Socialists with totalitarian leanings.
Heh... I found this line humerous: "If you can't get away (you might be on something slow like a moped or a Harley)..."

I'm sure that'll get the Harley riders ragin'.
All except Bigdx. He always travels at or below the speed limit, even when being chased by irate truck drivers. Fortunately he has an open line the police department, so they can provide protection when someone is mean to him.

I'll let your opinions speak for themselves, Van. Because that's what they are; opinions. I respectfully disagree, and I would venture that I'm far from alone.

If you think Ted Kennedy, Jerry Brown, Rose Bird, Martin Luther King, jr., JFK, and yes, lil' 'ol me are even remotely similar to totalitarian fascists, I think you need to pick up a few history books! Your POV is so outside the mainstream of political thought in our culture (although maybe not the vocal folks on these fora) that it doesn't even really bear discussion. That's why there are groups like the John Birch society. They are small but noisy, and they provide an outlet for extreme views.

God bless them and America! But this is a motorcycling website, and although I poke a few jabs at folk's political views, I do try to be an equal oppurtunity poker; there's plenty of innanity on both sides of the debate.

However, since the conservative right is driving at this point in our history, conservatives are going to bear the brunt of the jokes. When it's reversed, it'll be different; do you think I'd refrain from making fun of AlGore and Uncle Teddy and their supporters if they had any power?
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Deliberately doored

I actually had a guy deliberatelly try to door me yesterday morning. Unreal. But the topper in all my years was having a guy in a van punch me in the head, out a window, while I was riding a BICYCLE. Go figure. Some people just can't stand the idea of anyone "breaking the rules" (in their mind) while they are stuck in a cage. We're seen as cheating death, and some people just can't stand (what are in their opinion) cheaters. They'd rather kill us. Then we won't have cheated death. We'll be dead.

Coincidence? Both of the above incidents involved white vans.
Pick me too!

I want my POV to be "outside the mainstream of political thought in our culture" too.
Any of the people in these stories go by the handle "fastoldman?"

...ask yourself, "Is this really worth dying for?"
Re: Pick me too!

What a radical idea. One man - one vote! Heresy!

Everyone knows that people must be ruled by kings. That's the way it's always been.

Slavery was also part of "mainstream poltical thought" at one time too. About 99% of human history is one with political systems of slavery.

The USA isn't in danger of becoming a totalitarian state like Nazi Germany. It's in danger of becoming an authoritarian nanny state where those who disagree with "mainstream political thought" are thoroughly "re-educated". It's going to be a Brave New World, not a 1984. Take yer Prozac, er I mean Soma and shut up. Don't argue with your self-appointed betters.

Or hasn't anyone else noticed the enthusiasm with which cities, counties, States and the Fed try to pass laws against everything that is "bad"? All done to thunderous applause.
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