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Road rage suspected in biker death

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At the risk of poking a guy when he is down, I have one question. Front brake?
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Re: Thoughts from Gabe

got to agree here, my triple isn't nearly as fast as an r1 but I can do a buck20 and put enough trafic between me and whoever I pissed off to keep out of a confrontation. Unless there was trafic comming the other way it sounds like passing this ahole would have been in order. Beter than slamming into the back of him.

Assuming lightning reflexes it should have taken over a second to make a 111 foot skid, (88 feet per second is 60mph) not to mention as you slow down it takes even longer to cover the distance. i'd guess he got target fixation.

All monday morning quarterback crap asside it does us all well to remember that someone is dead for little more than offending the perpetrator.

the dipsht in the explorer should be made to comute in L.A. trafic for the rest of his life (guessing not for long) aboard a small poorley maintained scooter! Lets see him express his road rage then! (If you think la trafic is too meek feel free to insert whatever third circle of hell piece of tarmac you wish.)
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1 - 1 of 51 Posts
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