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Road rage suspected in biker death

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At the risk of poking a guy when he is down, I have one question. Front brake?
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Re: Takes two to tango?

Maybe I've got this all wrong, but the article did say that the biker passed the minivan and then the SUV. Right? If so, what's wrong with that? I'd rather be in front of an SUV and minivan- those things are hard to see ahead of. While passing the SUV, the SUV driver sped up, right? Was the biker supposed to ride between the minivan and SUV? That's a bad place to be, too. When the SUV repassed the biker, sure, the biker should have just pulled off onto the road side and let the worm (SUV driver) on about his business. Had he done so, he'd still be alive today. But that's just judgement call or whatever. The biker made a poor choice, but was not in the WRONG. Had he been trying to "tango" with an SUV, the SUV would never have been able to accelerate enough to repass him. Sounds like the biker LET the SUV driver repass him, deciding not to "tango" with the unstable idiot in the SUV. There's clearly only one villain in this story- the SUV driver.
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Oh, he can get that easy. All he's gotta do is ask one of the correctional officers!
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